Why dogs like stuffed animals

With all the toys out there for a dog to enjoy, my little guy seems to enjoy stuffed animal toys that squeak, the best. He can tear at them and pull them apart in no time. He has other toys such as hard rubber toys and others that are heavily constructed. However, he seems to get bored with anything that he cannot tear to shreds. The nature of most dogs is to relate a squeaking sound to the sound of a small animal at prey. I find though, it is more in the nature of a hunting dog such as my little guy. Dachshunds were or still are raised to hunt badgers. One of the meanest animals of the wild. Dachsunds are fearless hunters, and will fight to its kill. My little guy is a sweet, sometimes wimpy and a mommy’s little man. Bring him out doors and let him spot a chipmunk or a rabbit, and he is barking, howling fearless and ferociously bolting well on their trail,if I didn’t have him on a runner or leash I would have an awful lot of lucky rabbits feet. (Not too lucky for them!!!)

Sooooo, on that note, I think I will just let him think he is this big bad ferocious creature that kills his stuffed squeaky toys. He’s happy, and I get to pick up the mess. But I do this:

For the love of dogs today!

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