Vacationing with your Dog

Two years ago at this time was spent on the beach near Cape Cod. My husband and I had booked accommodations at a cute little boat house on the beach. The house sat on the sands of the Ocean. Across the street in front of the house was a river. A large deck framed more than half of the house. You could walk down the steps onto the hot sandy beach into the cold waters of the ocean. In front of the house was a welcoming breeze and at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade.

Austinenjoyed the beach as much as we did. We ran in the sand and waters, and played ball. Tom and I would walk the beach picking up sea shells. Austin quickly got the idea and would start sniffing them out and delivering them to us.IMG_2423

When we made these reservations for our vacation, my little guy was well kept in mind. We wanted to enjoy a vacation that offered accommodations for dogs. I was actually unaware as to how many places offered such generous accommodations for family pets.

It is a great relief to know that your best friend can enjoy a home away from home with his two legged family.

So if you are considering taking a vacation with your dog, look around and you will be surprised at what you can find.

Dogs need a vacation too! I believe it keeps them healthy and active, just to be in a different environment with a loving family. I know we had a great time with Austin at the beach with us. So enjoy your summer and your pet. Do this:

For the love of dogs today.

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