Trimming your Dogs nails

Do you have a hard time cutting your dogs nails? Austin will let me touch his paws, but when it comes to trimming his nails, nooo way!! He is petrified (or just plain stubborn like all dachshunds) He fights, squirms, and tries to jump out of my arms. So at an early age even, I started bringing him to the vets every 5-6 weeks for nail clipping. I thought by now at 6 years old he would be comfortable with it. But it has only gotten worst. It takes three of us to have his nails cut. One to hold him( or try too, to say the least.) another to cut his nails (again, with much effort) and myself standing by to reassure him that he will in fact go home with all of his toes! This is one area however he has no faith in me what so ever.

PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer - As Seen on TV - PetSmartI even went out and bought the pedi paws nail file a couple of years ago. Well that didn’t work, he was afraid of the sound. Even though I introduced it to him slowly, he wanted no part of his toes being touched.

Now I have Lily, my little 9 lb chiweenie. She too is not too keen on having her nails trimmed. Though she is a lot smaller and easier to handle, I am afraid of cutting her nails too short. So now it’s off to the Vets with two dogs for nail clippings at the expense of $22.00.

“I don’t have my own nails done for this price!”

I decided to make an attempt with the Pedi paws nail trimmer again. This time introducing it to the two of them at a much slower pace, and rewarding them each time.

I started with my most difficult little guy. For the first couple of days each morning, I would simply stroke each paw with the trimmer turned off. Once Austin realized that this thing was not a threat, I would reward him with a tiny little training treat. This in itself is not something I enjoy doing however. Austin and I are still struggling to get his weight down, so using treats to reward him is not the best thing. I have to admit though, it is working.

On the third day, I turned the trimmer on and introduced it to him by touching his nails in the way I would eventually file them. I did this for another two days. Rewarding and praising him each time.

Now for the real test! I turned the trimmer on and stroked his front paw with it. Then I held firmly on one nail and inserted it into the file opening. He at first pulled away, as I had anticipated, but without rewarding him I took it back and calmly reassured him in a tone he understood and trusted. He already knows by now that the vibration on his nail is not like the pressure of having the nail cut. I successfully trimmed one nail, and rewarded him. I’m not going to push the issue now. I’ll wait another day and work on one, two, or three nails till he is comfortable with it.

One and a half weeks later, Austin’s nails are finished. Yea!

Now it’s Lily’s turn. OMG! She is worst!! LOL. I laugh when I say this because she actually jumped out of my arms and cowered under the coffee table.
Here we go again! I used the same tactics I used with Austin. Now I have two dogs with neatly trimmed nails. Maybe now I can afford to get a manicure for myself.

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