Training your dog to potty in the rain and snow


Austin was just 10 weeks old when I got him. The very first day I brought him home I carried him through the house and out the back door to go potty. I would take his little paw and scratch the door before opening it. Soon he would learn to scratch on the door when he wanted to go outside. Believe me though, it wasn’t easy. Especially when you have a very stubborn breed. Dachshunds are very hard to potty train. Austin would have accidents often. Many I believe however were not accidents at all. Just pure stubbornness. If it rained or snowed, he would not even attempt to go outside. I would have to bring him out and stand in rain or snow while he kept making U-turns for the door. Eventually I decided on putting down puppy pads for him in the garage.

Now that I have another tiny little stubborn cutie, this method of relief seems to work well for both of them.And I don’t have to worry and watch over them every second they are in the house after eating. And when the weather is more tolerable, they know its outside, no negotiations.

There are varied methods of training your dog to go outside when it rains or snows. My little chiweenie doesn’t mind it if I put a sweater or some type of clothing on her, but my Austin hates it. I thought buying a raincoat for him would encourage him to at least tolerate the wet weather, but that did not work well with him. Though Lilly doesn’t mind getting dressed at all, she still will not go potty outdoors with the wet stuff.

Here are some tips for getting your dog to go outside in all kinds of weather.

While I don’t mind using the garage for more than just parking the car, I think I will continue to try a few of these tips as well.

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