Stop Killing animals!

November 8, 2012

Don’t Let Tobacco Companies Conduct Cruel Animal Experiments Sign Here!

Stop Killing animals!

Please help! Precious animals are suffering and dyeing every day because of human neglect and torture. You can help just by sharing this post and pages from this site to help more organizations and rescue shelters. I have just recently added pages to A Dogs Plea ,and will continue to do so, to help the wonderful people out there that put themselves out on a limb to save all animals. These are people who are not out there to profit. That’s what makes them so special. Far too often they have to pay out of pocket expenses that exceed even the many donations and fund raising events. So again, PLEASE HELP. Do this for the love of dogs today, and all of God’s creatures♥ Thank You for your support♥

Austin and Me

October 27, 2012

Please take a moment to read about the recent experiments exposed by PETA. If you’re as outraged as we are about this heartbreaking abuse, please donate today so your gift can be DOUBLED to help stop barbaric testing on animals. Time is running out to have your gift matched, so please don’t hesitate—donate today to help save animals from abuse in cruel experiments!

University laboratory experiments exposed -- PETA

No animal should suffer as Double Trouble did. Your gift today will go twice as far toward ending cruel experiments through PETA's Global Stop Animal Tests Challenge. Yes, I want to help!Dear Friend,What experimenters did to Double Trouble is heartbreaking.This beautiful tabby cat endured horrific torment for months in cruel and useless “sound localization” experiments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW)—deadly experiments that have been supported by more than $3 million in tax dollars.Will you help PETA end animal tests like these by taking the Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge right now? Your secure gift online today will be matched—dollar for dollar—by a group of generous PETA donors toward our online goal of $250,000 but only if you give before October 31. If we meet this ambitious goal, it will mean an urgently needed $500,000 to help shut down experiments like the one that killed Double Trouble.

It took more than three years and a successful PETA lawsuit before UW was compelled to release images from its deadly experiments on cats. Now, we can show you what the university tried so very hard to hide. According to records obtained by PETA, Double Trouble had to endure invasive surgeries during which she had steel coils implanted in her eyes, a stainless-steel post screwed to her skull, and electrodes inserted into her brain. In a subsequent surgery, this gentle orange cat was deafened by a toxic substance applied to her ears, and electrical implants were placed deep inside both ears. Please try to imagine the horror and fear that she endured—all the while “living” in a stainless-steel cage, alone at night and tormented by experimenters during the day. During surgery, Double Trouble’s anesthesia is reported to have worn off, likely leaving her to experience pain as experimenters cut into her head and skull. It is too horrible to contemplate, but we must because we need to stop such torture.

As time went on, Double Trouble’s condition worsened. Her face became partially paralyzed, and her head wound would not heal for more than three months after her last surgery. An antibiotic-resistant infection raged in her wound for almost two months before UW experimenters killed her, beheaded her (and we have pictures of that, too, which we will spare you), and cut apart her brain.

Double Trouble is just one of so very many sensitive animals who are cut, burned, poisoned, and subjected to even worse torment in deadly experiments each year. If you donate during PETA’s Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge right now, your gift made before the October 31 deadline will be matched, going twice as far toward combating the horrific suffering of animals like her in cruel experiments.

The useless experiments that led to Double Trouble’s torment are conducted on as many as 30 cats each year by UW alone and, according to the school’s very own records, are needed to “keep up a productive publication record that ensures our constant funding.” In other words, to publish papers in order to keep public funds coming in. That’s their game. There are no peer-reviewed papers in any scientific journals that have resulted from the months of suffering that she endured; indeed, even experimenters themselves have acknowledged that there was a problem with her surgery.

Since our first landmark undercover exposé of laboratory abuse more than 30 years ago, PETA has won groundbreaking victories that have stopped deadly animal tests in their tracks and saved millions of animals from suffering at the hands of experimenters. At this very moment, we’re pressuring federal officials to investigate Double Trouble’s case and cut off funding for these cruel and completely worthless experiments.

Your generous gift today during the Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge will be matched, bringing us closer to our $250,000 online goal and going twice as far toward ending horrific tests like those at UW.

Thank you for your compassion for all animals, particularly those in laboratories who right now need our help.

Kind regards,

Ingrid Newkirk

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. There may be no better time to help animals like Double Trouble than during this special challenge. Please donate online right now and support PETA’s work to expose and stop deadly experiments on animals.
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This was sent by PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.


Stop Killing animals!

I have just spent an entire morning reaching out and pleading to an entire nation to “please stop killing our most precious companions” Our rescue and adoption shelters all over the world are full to the max with homeless animals to say the least. Many of them are sick, have been abused, and were left to die.

While all shelters are not the same, many of them are deserving of our help and donations. These are the people who love and care for these poor animals and provide a home and or foster home and the care that they need. Many times spending their own money to give them the attention and medical needs they so deserve?

I have found some very reputable rescue and adoption shelters in which I both recommend and support. You can find them here and on my face book.

What happens though when these good shelters are full to the max? (In which many are).

Not all dogs are fortunate enough to be turned over to a rescue, adopt, or a no kill shelter. Even if they are, these shelters are full to the max and have no alternative but to direct them else where.  Many are abandoned and left to die, or given up to a kill shelter.

Save a life, gain a buddy -

How will you help? Write and let us know. Do this for:

For the love of dogs today

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Dogs and Depression


July was both a busy, but difficult month. Vacation time in the first week was spent with family members who shared my home for the entire week. It’s a lot of work with more than one family under the same roof, but at the same time rewarding.

The second week in July I spent the week cleaning until we got a sad call of a passing relative. Plans changed for the remainder of the week and the following we attended the out-of-town services.

Now it’s the last week in July that I can concentrate on blogging and just sharing some good times with my little buddy! He has become a little depressed mainly because he has not been the center of attention.

On July 27th another call came through. Another fatality. This time it was the loss my dear sister’s loving young son of 21. The grief we all share is one of the most difficult times in our family’s lives.

All month I have been trying to blog when a distraction to say the very least fell upon me. Not only has my life been disrupted but the life of my littlest four-legged family has been too!

Austin has been through a traumatic time since his first seizure. We have been back and forth to the vets numerous times since May. Although he is doing physically well, he is now depressed due to the events of July.

It is now August 5th and God knows we need to get back to all the living things precious to us. My little man is a precious piece of God’s work and needs to be protected and cared for.

During our times of sorrows, Austin was put in a kennel. Finding a trusting and caring facility for our animals is as important as finding a day care for our children. My little buddy is my furry four-legged baby. I want nothing but the best for him.

Summer is not yet over and I wish every reader out there a happy joyous summer. Think of your loving pets as well, taking good care of their needs for the summer heat, abstinence and all that come

For the love of Dogs today!

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Why dogs like stuffed animals

With all the toys out there for a dog to enjoy, my little guy seems to enjoy stuffed animal toys that squeak, the best. He can tear at them and pull them apart in no time. He has other toys such as hard rubber toys and others that are heavily constructed. However, he seems to get bored with anything that he cannot tear to shreds. The nature of most dogs is to relate a squeaking sound to the sound of a small animal at prey. I find though, it is more in the nature of a hunting dog such as my little guy. Dachshunds were or still are raised to hunt badgers. One of the meanest animals of the wild. Dachsunds are fearless hunters, and will fight to its kill. My little guy is a sweet, sometimes wimpy and a mommy’s little man. Bring him out doors and let him spot a chipmunk or a rabbit, and he is barking, howling fearless and ferociously bolting well on their trail,if I didn’t have him on a runner or leash I would have an awful lot of lucky rabbits feet. (Not too lucky for them!!!)

Sooooo, on that note, I think I will just let him think he is this big bad ferocious creature that kills his stuffed squeaky toys. He’s happy, and I get to pick up the mess. But I do this:

For the love of dogs today!

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