Summer Safety Tips for you and your dog


How was your Memorial Day weekend? The weather here was absolutely perfect.A great day for gatherings and cookouts. My family and I enjoyed the warmth of the sun. The smell of baby back ribs cooking on the grill. The pool and the beauty of all the plants my husband and I had planted on Saturday.

Tom takes great pride and puts forth lots of effort into keeping our lawn and gardens beautiful. 

Even Austin enjoys laying in the cool grass in the shade.


Maintaining a yard is a lot of work! And can be a little pricy also (ask my husband, he won’t deny) So far this year he has mowed the grass at least 7 or 8 times

( I lost count, but I’m sure he would tell you!) and fertilized, multched, put down weed killer, cut down tree branches, trimmed hedges and more.

While he is concerned with the tasks at hand, it is my responsibility to know when and where my little buddy can have a potty area! We all know that there are dangerous chemicals that are used in lawn and garden products. So our pets need to be carefully supervised and guided to a safe place for relief.

Another summer concern for our little buddies is protection from flees and ticks. Though this  should be a concern all year round, summer seams to be the most prevalent.

Have your veterinarian recommend the best flee and tick treatment for your pets. Just like people, what is good for one is not always good for another.

Do this for the love of dogs today.

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