Skin irritations and treatment for dogs

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As my little buddy gets up in doggie years, so too does the health issues. I guess he takes after mom here. I wake up many mornings with a new ache or pain. However, I can’t be running off to the Doctors every time I feel a discomfort. (Comes with age 🙁 (ugh!)

My buddy had a restless night last night. He kept scratching and scratching at his left ear. I thought he might have an ear infection, because this has always been the case in the past. In the morning, I took a look inside his ear, and thought it looked normal, clean, and no smelly odor. However, just beneath his long floppy ear I noticed he had scratched a small area of skin raw. “Oh, poor baby” Could it be flea’s? Maybe a tick had gone unnoticed? Moisture trapped in the skin and fur because of his long ears? Maybe it is an allergic reaction? But to what? Austin is up to date with his flea application, and takes Benadryl for his sneezing attacks. My poor little guy is a “Doxie druggy.” So I did a little research for myself and Buddy, to get an idea for a treatment without having to see the vet.” okay Buddy, we won’t run off to the vet’s just yet!” (Whew, thanks mom! Lick, lick) instead I washed the sore with warm water and a little soap. Dried it well, and applied clear caladryl to the area.

Before applying any ointment or lotion to a dog’s skin, consideration should be taken to the area in which it will be applied to. It should not be in a dog’s reach where he can lick at it. A wise move would be to check with your vet if in deed the application can at all be used.

There is a list of foods and medicines that can make your dog sick, and or be fatal.

 Please take caution with all medications and foods for your dog. Do this:

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