Preparing your dog in natural disasters

Are you prepared for Storm Sandy?

US authorities order mass evacuations and airlines cancel transatlantic flights as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast.   It’s Monday morning here in Massachusetts, and the winds are starting to pick up. There is just a drizzle of rain, but heavier winds and rain are expected by afternoon.  Retail stores, and supermarkets, have been jamming with people buying batteries, generators, flashlights, food and water. Banks and gas stations as well have been swarming with customers.

I remember all too well last year’s devastating storm just one year and a day today. Many People in Massachusetts and states nearby, Connecticut and, Rhode Island were without power for two weeks and better. Utility workers from all around worked around the clock for weeks.

Last years devastation left quite an impact on us. This year people are taking a more extensive measure of action. Schools are already closed. Businesses are closing. Utility workers from other states are already here and prepared. There are more shelters available, and prepared to help in the event of evacuations.

How have you and your family prepared for this storm? Where will you and your pets go in the event of an evacuation?

Victoria Stilwell gives some excellent tips on preparing your dog for a Hurricane. Pets as well as people need a plan of action, with food and water, medicine’s, bedding, and a place to stay. Check with shelters in your area to know if they will accept you with your pets.

Do this:

For the love of dogs today

To everyone that may be affected by Storm Sandy, be prepared, stay safe, and stay together!

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