Pool Safety with your dog

Good morning, it’s another beautiful morning. What a way to start off the first of June. Sunshine, birds singing. There was a wonderful breeze blowing in through my bedroom window this morning.

Austin is usually the first to greet me in the morning with Licks, and jumping all over me letting me know, “Come on mom, I got to go, got to go.” But this morning he chose to sleep in. On such a beautiful morning, I like to get up, pour myself a cup of coffee, and sit out on the patio with my laptop at hand. Today, however, I’m sitting inside at the desktop, while Austin rest sleeping on my lap. He must know that we can’t sit out this morning, because the lawn has been treated with chemicals.

Our plan for this afternoon is to sit up by the pool .Austin will be confined to the pool deck, unless he decides to jump in for a quick swim. It is so funny to see him jump, paddle a bit not even a quarter of the way in, just to turn around and come back out.

When there are people splashing around in the Pool, Austin will get all hyper and nervous and jump in to save us. Then he realizes that his long back and his hind legs are sinking. So he immediately makes a quick U Turn for the steps and out onto the deck. “Okay guys, I’m out of here, you’re on your own.” He jumps up on our towels in the lounge chairs, and like a seal, tucks his front legs under his body and uses his hind legs to push around in a circle from side to side, on what use to be our dry towels! Now he sighs, and plops his way down on the chair and with his little chin resting on

(his towel, now) stares at us!

Does your dog know how to swim? I always thought that it was natural for any dog to swim, but Austin has proved this not to be true. He can swim for a short while, but with great effort. It is very likely for him to drown if he is not supervised or does not have easy access from the pool to the deck.

There is an alarming rise of pets drowning in swimming pools! Please don’t let your best friend fall into the statistics

(or your POOL!) Teach him how to swim! Do this:

For the love of Dogs today!

And all pets.

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