Overweight Dogs

It’ been more than a week now since Austin’s been home.

Though he is doing quite well with his medicine, he is still over weight. He needs to take off at least 5 pounds. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but keep in mind that he is a miniature doxie.Austin should weigh at most 15 pounds. He tips the scale at 20.4 Pounds.

It is common for dogs that are on Phenobarbital to be hungrier and thirsty. My little guy was always hungry. (So I thought) Although he drinks more now than he use to, which is a good thing.

Just like us humans who like to eat, will put on weight eating more calories than our bodies burn.

What does that mean? (Okay folks, dosen’t take rocket science to figure that one out.)

Austin (and I!!!) need to exercise more. (Yuk, that seems like a dirty word unless of course, you are a physical fitness trainer.)

We all know taking your dog for a walk every day is good exercise for both.

Healthy food, plenty of water, (easy on those snacks. That goes for humans too!) And rest is crucial for all of us.

There are other factors in gaining weight other than the most obvious. There are Hormonal disorders, such as Cushing’s disease. Slowing metabolism. Spaying or neutering.

With this much said, I better get up and take Austin for a walk! It’s a beautiful day today, and as much as I need the exercise I’m doing it

 For the love of dogs today!

Dog Calorie Calculator by TrainPetDog

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