Daisy Mae ♥

Daisy: September 18, 2002- May 5, 2013


When she came to us on March 2, 2013 Daisy was was 15lbs overweight (27.8lbs), her teeth were falling out of her head, and the infected gums were causing infection to all her other vital organs that were already stressed and enlarged due to her obesity. Daisy lost 8lbs with us, as well as many teeth, and had a great few months before dying in Eliot’s arms from heart failure this morning. Due to her heart disease (because of being obese) she suffered this heart failure when plagued with pneumonia- she had barely been able to breathe when we first got her because due to her weight, her heart was enlarged and pressing against her trachea, so this coupled with the pneumonia was too much for her heart to take despite daily heart meds, and meds for the pneumonia as well. Please, please keep your dogs at their ideal weights and maintain their teeth- both are vital to their overall health, longevity, and all vital organs.

Rest in peace Daisy Mae ♥

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