For the Love of Annabelle
We have been following the story of Annabelle (on the FB page For the Love of Annabelle) in her fight against cancer. Sadly, it is time to say goodbye. Her momma has made arrangements for a peaceful passage to Rainbow Bridge for her tomorrow. Godspeed Annabelle. You have been a brave fighter against this awful disease.

For the Love of Annabelle
I can’t find words to express at this time, so all I can do is provide some information for you all.  Annabelle’s cancer has spread in her little body, her spleen is grossly enlarged now and nodules are felt. Her tumor has grown as well it is not only bigger on the outside, but it has grown into her mouth and it is now… causing her to bleed some from her mouth and her nose. She is hardly able to walk and has to be hand fed.  Kim has consulted with the best specialists available and it’s just not a battle Annabelle is going to win, but she sure came close, bless her heart.  She has fought long and hard and has been a true Princess every step of the way.  She deserves so much more than this. With the incredible bond Kim and Annabelle share, she knows, it’s time and Annabelle has told her its ok, she is ready to go. There will be no suffering, no pain for this princess.  As Kim said, arrangements have been made for Annabelle’s doctor to coming to her home and help her cross the rainbow bridge tomorrow.  (Kim just gave her some medication and she is resting much better now) All the love and support you all have shown Kim and Annabelle needs to continue for the remainder of Annabelles journey. Pray for Annabelles peaceful crossing, and pray for Kim, she needs your love and strength now more than ever as she does right by her sweet princess.   (I will continue to update any important information for you all, we know how much you truly love Annabelle …~Robin)


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