keeping your dog safe and warm for the winter

Our first snow fall of the year, here in Massachusetts. Our town got just a little over an inch. Enough to cover the ground. It was also enough to keep my little Doxie from going out doors this morning. He took about three steps into the snow and made a U turn back into the garage. Lucky for him and me both, I can lay puppy pads done for him to use.

There isn’t too much snow to have to worry about shoveling; I can lay down some ice melt. Did you know however that this can hurt your dog if ingested? Even walking on could possibly burn the little pads of his feet.

I will probably shovel near the garage area and a spot for him to use when he needs to relieve himself. Other than that, I will use a paw safe ice melt. You can purchase a brand for your pet in many stores. sells a variety, and I find that there prices are lower than others. Pet smart claims to sell one, however I have not been able to locate it there.

When it comes to the cold and your pets, you need to be concerned not only for safety, but for comfort as well. Here are some tips at: ASPCA The tips  here will ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Be sure to read what poisons can be ingested during the winter season, and take note as to how dogs can get lost very easily in a storm or cold weather, because of their lose of scent.

Take measures for your dog that you would for yourselves. Keep them warm, safe, and comfortable.

Do this:

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