Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

I find it unusual that Austin does not drink a lot of water in the summer. Any time actually, though he drinks more now since he has been on medication for his seizures.

(Which by the way he is doing very well with, so far!)

I worry that he will become dehydrated. He would rather eat than drink. So I offer him his favorite treat (all meat chicken tenders for Dogs.) and After Just one, he waddles over to the water bowl for a few sips at least.

When we are outdoors and the weather is hot. Austin will find a shady place to rest, and a bowl of water is always there with him. If I put ice cubes in it, he will play with them. Taking them out of the bowl and pushing them around with his snout. Every now and then, he will give them a lick, and proceed to play with them until they melt.

Dachshunds are not only stubborn, but have a will of their own. If they know that you want them to do a certain thing, you can better believe that they are going to do the complete opposite. He gives me a look like,

 “go ahead, make my day!”

“Okay, Clint. Who’s going to win this time?” When I see his tail between his legs, and his head hanging, refusing to look at me, I know I won the battle again! (But we won’t tell him. His pride is already shot)

So how can you tell if a dog is dehydrated? Read this article, and take the time to replenish that water bowl with fresh water during these hot summer days. Do this

                                                                              For the love of dogs today.

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