Keeping your dog cool


 “Happy Summer” everyone. First day of summer, and it’s coming in today with a Bang! The temperatures will rise above 90 degrees, setting a record for one of the hottest days here in Massachusetts.

Austin and I will be sitting up by the pool later today. Actually, sitting in it might be more accurate and logical. My little buddy is not too keen on swimming,but he likes to ride on his little doggie boat in the pool . I can at least splash and wet him down a little to cool him off.

With the temperatures being so hot, and the sun beating down on him. I take extra caution to exposing him to hyperthermia.

Heat exhaustion should be taken seriously. Without immediate attention, your dog could die.

How can you tell if in fact your dog is suffering with hyperthermia? Read this article to learn what hyperthermia is, and how to be aware of your dogs symptoms.

With this information, you can rest assure, your little buddy will enjoy the summer activities that you enjoy.

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