Is your Yard safe for dogs to play in?



This is the time of year when we worry most about our dogs, getting flees and ticks. We should also be concerned with many more hazards of spring and summer. Just like the autumn and winter. Changing seasons pose many environmental hazards for dogs as well as us. Young children and animals alike can be curious of many attractions of dangerous plants chemicals etc.


 Smelling and tasting a poisonous plant. An appealing chemical stored in the shed or garage. (Such as antifreeze) which has a sweet taste and most appealing to dogs. Antifreeze swallowed has proved to be fatal.


I once witnessed a dog that suffered and died from this. I wrote an article last year on

Health Hazards. And another in February. Contaminants in water.


The list of poisons goes on and on. We should be quite vigilant to the activities of our pets and children, to avoid serious accidents!


 Here you can find just a few of the many poisonous plants, indoors and out. Chemicals, medicines, lead poisoning, berries, bee stings, foods, Fungicides, and again, the list goes on.

Shop around for safe products for your pets. There are many products pet friendly such as weed killers, and more.

Treat and enjoy the effects of your yard and garden, while feeling assured that your pets and children can safely enjoy the outdoors too!

Do this:

For the love of dogs today!

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