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Since the incident with Austin’s seizures, I have been more conscious of his well-being. Better foods, more excercise, and things that he might get into that could possibly make him ill or injured.

One thing that came to mind while I was cleaning house was, are these products I’m using safe for animals? We all know that most, if not all are poisonous if ingested. But are you aware that just by using some household products can pose serious dangers to both people and pets? I was shocked to find that I have been using some of these products myself.

One poisonous agent that I think most of us are familiar with is anti freeze.  This is found in at least one cleaning product I discovered. The sweet scent and taste of antifreeze attracts the animals and the slightest amount can kill them.

I unfortunately witnessed a poor little dog who suffered from anti freeze poisoning. By the time his owner had realized what he had ingested, it was too late. His kidneys had failed ,and he could not be saved.

So please read all labels before you clean. Know the products that are harmful to your pets. When in doubt, do the research. Find products that are safe for your home environment.  Do this for the love of dogs today, and all pets!

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