Halloween with your Dog

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When searching information for the safety issues and precautions to take for your dog at Halloween, I was surprised not to find the event listing in the AKC list for holidays and your dog! However there are very good tips for Thanksgiving and Christmas that you may even want to print or save in your favorites.

The American Humane Society has excellent tips and awareness issues for you and your dog’s safety at Halloween.

Is your dog comfortable dressed in a costume? Some dogs don’t seem to care one way or the other, providing the costume is not restricting in any way. Some just like the idea of pleasing their owners, and merely tolerate it.

Although there is a lot of controversy, I read an article here, on why some dogs are uncomfortable wearing costumes.

Alexandra Horowitz, author of the bestseller Inside of a Dog, writes,

“Among wolves, one animal may “stand over” another: literally placing his body on top of and touching the other, as a scolding or a mild putting-in-one’s-place,” she wrote in the New Yorker. “To a dog, a costume, fitting tight around the dog’s midriff and back, might well reproduce that ancestral feeling. So the principal experience of wearing a costume would not be the experience of festivity; rather, the costume produces the discomfiting feeling that someone higher ranking is nearby. This interpretation is borne out by many dogs’ behavior when getting dressed in a costume: they may freeze in place as if they are being “dominated”—and soon try to dislodge the garments by shaking, pawing, or rolling in something so foul that it necessitates immediate disrobing.”

Whether you believe this statement to be true or not, I am convinced myself, that what Alexandra is saying, holds true for my own dog.

At Halloween I have always wanted to dress Austin as the wiener hot dog (that he is) not original, but cute! Although that costume would be adorable on him, it would stay on for about 5 seconds. Along with freezing in position, I would get a look something like this: 




then he would proceed to disrobe himself with all fours.

However you decide to celebrate the holidays with your pet, (in particular Halloween,) please keep in mind the comfort and safety of your dog. Do this:

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