Excessive Shedding in Dogs

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Ok, I’m looking for some suggestions.  My yellow lab, Jake is shedding like he does when he gets nervous at the vets.  I didn’t realize that they will shed profusely when they are nervous.  But when we leave the vets, the scale is full of his beautiful blonde hair.  He always sheds like this twice a year, beginning of summer and the beginning of winter.  I brush him about three times of day…….and the amount of hair fills a small waste basket.  It just keeps coming and coming.  Too bad I can’t sell it to make a fur coat.  Are there any other things I can do other than bath him or short of shaving all his hair off?


I researched excessive shedding in dogs,and two out of three pages suggest a change in diet. The third was of which dogs shed the most. Your Jakey falls in that category. Here are the links to the pages that I found. Hope this helps?





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