Dogs and Depression


July was both a busy, but difficult month. Vacation time in the first week was spent with family members who shared my home for the entire week. It’s a lot of work with more than one family under the same roof, but at the same time rewarding.

The second week in July I spent the week cleaning until we got a sad call of a passing relative. Plans changed for the remainder of the week and the following we attended the out-of-town services.

Now it’s the last week in July that I can concentrate on blogging and just sharing some good times with my little buddy! He has become a little depressed mainly because he has not been the center of attention.

On July 27th another call came through. Another fatality. This time it was the loss my dear sister’s loving young son of 21. The grief we all share is one of the most difficult times in our family’s lives.

All month I have been trying to blog when a distraction to say the very least fell upon me. Not only has my life been disrupted but the life of my littlest four-legged family has been too!

Austin has been through a traumatic time since his first seizure. We have been back and forth to the vets numerous times since May. Although he is doing physically well, he is now depressed due to the events of July.

It is now August 5th and God knows we need to get back to all the living things precious to us. My little man is a precious piece of God’s work and needs to be protected and cared for.

During our times of sorrows, Austin was put in a kennel. Finding a trusting and caring facility for our animals is as important as finding a day care for our children. My little buddy is my furry four-legged baby. I want nothing but the best for him.

Summer is not yet over and I wish every reader out there a happy joyous summer. Think of your loving pets as well, taking good care of their needs for the summer heat, abstinence and all that come

For the love of Dogs today!

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