Doggie Stories And Tales

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Austin and Me 🙂


Judy on June 1,2012

Hey Barb, finally made it to your blog…..I’ll have to read it to Ollie, the thinking man’s dog, (Doxie) What can I say? As you know, I lost my long time companion in February of this year. Ollie was his devoted companion, at his side morning through night. Now it is Ollie and I. He licks my tears, soon making me giggle and softening the loneliness of the moment. As you know, Ollie also has seizures, such awful happenings. The Vet tells me Ollie has no pain, yet he cries, it makes me cry. My life without a pet would be unbearable. Ollie was a “rescue”, the question is….who was rescued? Me or Ollie?



Donna on May 29, 2012

Hi Barb and Austin. Just sent you pictures of Jake and Shevy and Julianna. I truly believe that Yellow Labs are the most awesome dogs when it come to being around children. My poor Jake could have his eyes poked out by a child and just sit there and do nothing. Luckily there is aways an adult around to prevent that from happening. Shevy loves kids too, she just would not take the abuse that Yellow Labs do. Juliann loves animals and Jake and Shevy love her. Jake wasn’t feeling good a couple of days ago. He had a hard time walking…….his hip gave out……Labs are known for hip dysplasia. But, with a few aspirin, he was better. Thank God… was really hard picking up 100 pounds of dog. He is such a sweetie and I don’t know what I would do without him. Shevy and Jake send their love toAustin……by the way… is Eli…..”Where is your mother?”






Theresa  on May 22, 2012

Very helpful and pleasant reading! I don’t have a little man. I have a little lady, and she can give looks to kill, like most of us ladies can. Like, one night I thought I left her outside. I was panicking and looking all over the house before I went outside to wake up the neighborhood. I finally found her. She was sitting in the chair in the same room I was with her head on the pillow watching me run back and forth, looking as though “What is your problem? I’m right here….a#*#*#*!!!”

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3 thoughts on “Doggie Stories And Tales

  1. Hi,
    I’m an over the road Truck Driver…I also have a Min-Pin(Spike). I put him on the truck when he was 14 wks old. Never had a problem with potty training him(smile), as he would not or refuse to the use the bathroom in the truck…his doing not anything I did, which I’m grateful to him for his fortitude. However, we have one problem. On the truck he will not allow anyone near the truck, he’s run off a many a
    lot lizards(am definitely grateful for that), he will bark if he even thinks you are coming toward the truck, and heaven forbid if he’s in there by himself and someone opens the door(he sits in the driver seat when I’m not there), mainly my mechanics. Don’t panic I have a APU unit, which keeps the truck cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without the truck being turned on. But at home he is as docile as can be…the doorbell can ring, and he will sit at the door and stare at the person or persons but will not bark. Home is awfully big…4 bedroom, living room, den, etc..and he has a fenced in back yard…he will bark out there, but he rarely barks in the house, unless he hears the neighbors’ dog. Do you have any idea, why he is night and day on the truck and at home? Can not imagine life without him, when I’m sick he just lies beside me and puts his head on my stomach and looks up at with those beautiful eyes. Thank you.

    • I can definitely tell by your description that Spike is ‘your dog! He is very protective of you. Dogs bark for many reasons. Not only do they bark, but do you notice a different tone in different circumstances? Just like a baby who cries. And usually only a mother knows what the different cries mean. Are they hungry, in pain, or just want attention. Notice the next time Spike barks when the neighbors dog barks, and then when he is in the truck and someone approaches. You will definitely hear a different tone! He is being protective of you or maybe it’s his domain (the truck) being that he became familiar with it at a very early age. Cesar Millan has a very good article on why dogs bark. ( Enjoy reading, but more important, enjoy your dog. They are truly man’s best friend! (Women too!)

      • Thank you Barbara, and yes I have notice the differences in his barks. It sounds like a playful bark when he hears the neighbors’ dogs, and a very aggressive bark when someone come near the truck or me. I choose to say I’m definitely his. (smile) Thanks again..will check out the website.

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