Does your dog lick your face?


Is your dog a licky face? My Austin gives me licks whenever he is happy. Usually that’s all of the time. When I walk through the door he gets excited and wants immediate attention. Licking my face is telling me just that. “Your home now so pay attention to me” Lilly on the other hand will lick in submission. Both dogs I find have a different reason for licking my face. Austin is out of affection and Lilly is more like a lick and a cower, a lick and a cower. Almost as if to say, I’ve been good, right? Lick lick, cower down and lick again until I tell her she is a good girl. Once I have her convinced, she wants down out of my arms and runs off to play.


We like to think that our dogs lick our faces out of pure genuine love. In reality, there is much more behind that wet slobbery kiss. As puppies, mother dogs would lick them to clean. Pleasant feelings and memories of their mothers grooming grows with them and they relate that feeling and show that positive feeling towards us when they greet us.


Another factor is the survival instinct to protect. Wolves and wild dogs will lick each other to remove debris and food from one another in the effort to protect them from prey.


It’s also nice to know that although some people look at dog licking in disgust, it is actually a respectful notion to ones owner. Most say “ do you know where that tongue has been?” Come on people, it’s no worst than kissing your partner with morning breath! Do you love your partner? Do you love your dog? Deal with it!! They love you.

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