Do Dogs have a Soul?



Do you love your dog as much as he loves you? Do dogs even have emotions? This has always been debatable. (Though I know my dog loves me!  )

Most of us like to believe too that dogs like people have a soul.

I read a book by, Jon Katz just about a year ago entitled “Soul of A dog”. It was a heart warming story,entertaining and inspirational. Anyone who owns and loves a dog will agree.

I asked my pastor what his thoughts were about dogs having or not having a soul. He explained the Church’s point of view, and then proceeded to tell me his priest friend’s point of view. “If God see’s that we need our pet with us in Heaven, then he will certainly be there to greet us”. That statement will forever comfort my own soul.(click on this link to the left, it is a must read!)

One thing we can be sure of is that our dogs (unlike some people), are unbiased, loving, trust worthy and admirable. They warm our hearts; they mend our souls. Cheer us when we are sad, and most importantly make us laugh when laughter we know is of great  essence to our physical and emotional well-being.

Speaking of ‘OUR physical and emotional being, there are animals that live with people who are emotionally and or physically unfit to care for an animal. In this kind of environment many animals suffer from abuse and neglect. They become the target for people’s distress. It’s unfortunate (to say the least) that people, like these poor innocent animals, are lacking love and tolerance in their own homes. It is very sad. Some people will recognize that they need professional help, others won’t.

But what happens to our furry little friends? Many are left behind to fend for themselves. This too is sad, but some may be better to stray rather than be abused! However an alternative is much better. Such as an animal shelter, a pet adoption home, or someone you know needs a pet, and will provide for them.

If you know of or see a poor animal struggling to survive, please reach out and help. There are many options. Do this FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS TODAY, cats, and all uncared for animals.

I started this article with the intentions to write about my dog. (My little man’s) I like to call him. He likes it too. When I tell him he is my little man (oh yeah, I talk to the animals!) his little tail wags and he knows I love and am pleased with him. He also knows when I am not so happy, when I actually call him by his name (in a much different tone.) The tail isn’t wagging, his ears are closer to his little head and his eyes look very confused. this expression of course is telling me “Mommy, I’m sorry” I have all I can do to ignore this pleading look for positive attention. “No hugs and kisses just yet little guy!” But he does know that I love him.


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