Contaminants in water

Spring time is just around the corner, or I hope so anyway. Its difficult walking the dogs along side of the snow covered banks.  Once the snow starts thawing the roadways will be more assessable.



However the melting snow and all of the roads still covered with salt and chemicals can pose a danger for your dog. Did you know that if ingested, salt that is used to treat roads in the winter time can create havoc in your dog’s digestive system? The ice melt in your driveway should be pet safe.  Many stores carry it. Prices vary from store to store, but when it comes to our pets, it’s worth the price.

Worst of all, antifreeze many times can be in puddles of water in which a car may have been parked or broken down. With the melting snow and water drainage from driveways and garage’s, it is difficult to recognize a poisoned puddle of water. So when walking your dog in very wet areas, never let them drink from a puddle. Antifreeze ingested is fatal. An animal will drink it because it smells sweet and inviting.

I posted an article last year in May about the dangers of antifreeze. Within that article I write how one dog died shortly after ingestion of antifreeze.

Since then a law has been passed to add a bittering agent to deter an animal or child from drinking it. This law will be in effect next month. Read more….

If your dog becomes sick and lethargic after drinking from a water source you think may have been contaminated, quickly get him to a vet. Time is crucial, and damage is already in effect.

Do this:

For the love of dogs today!

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