Cold Weather and your dogs dry skin


With the cold weather now upon us I have noticed very dry flaky skin on my dogs. Much like myself, their skin has become very dry from the dry cold weather. It is always good however to first rule out more serious reasons for your dog’s dry skin.  Here you can find some of the more serious conditions of dry itchy skin.

Unless your pet has not suffered with dry itchy skin till now, it would be safe to consider it is in fact the dry cold weather conditions that would cause this. Always check with your vet before treating your dog for any aliment you might be concerned about.

Changing your dog’s food
for the winter can aid in restoring a shiny, healthy coat. A diet rich in proteins, and fatty acids will reduce the dry flaky skin. You can be assured also that your dog is still getting the nutrients required for good health.


Reduce the times you bathe your dog. A dog that lives inside during the winter months usually does not need a bath as often as in the warmer months. When your dog however requires a bath, I have found that using an oatmeal based shampoo and conditioner reduces the dry itchy skin and it smells great too! I actually use it all year round. Because I have a pool that the dogs enjoy swimming in, their skin can dry from the chlorine.

If the air in your home is dry. Try running a humidifier. I have a wood pellet stove and keep a heavy pot filled with water on top.


Brushing your dog daily is important to keeping their coats healthy and shining. My little Chi weenie has a very short coat but she actually has more dry skin than my wired hair Dachshund .In between baths, I use a spray conditioning Detangler that controls dander on her and a less matted fur on him.


Remember to check with your Vet before treating your dog or changing his diet. Your vet knows best what is good for your dogs well being. Do this:

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