Vacationing with your Dog

Two years ago at this time was spent on the beach near Cape Cod. My husband and I had booked accommodations at a cute little boat house on the beach. The house sat on the sands of the Ocean. Across the street in front of the house was a river. A large deck framed more than half of the house. You could walk down the steps onto the hot sandy beach into the cold waters of the ocean. In front of the house was a welcoming breeze and at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade.

Austinenjoyed the beach as much as we did. We ran in the sand and waters, and played ball. Tom and I would walk the beach picking up sea shells. Austin quickly got the idea and would start sniffing them out and delivering them to us.IMG_2423

When we made these reservations for our vacation, my little guy was well kept in mind. We wanted to enjoy a vacation that offered accommodations for dogs. I was actually unaware as to how many places offered such generous accommodations for family pets.

It is a great relief to know that your best friend can enjoy a home away from home with his two legged family.

So if you are considering taking a vacation with your dog, look around and you will be surprised at what you can find.

Dogs need a vacation too! I believe it keeps them healthy and active, just to be in a different environment with a loving family. I know we had a great time with Austin at the beach with us. So enjoy your summer and your pet. Do this:

For the love of dogs today.

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Keeping your dog cool


 “Happy Summer” everyone. First day of summer, and it’s coming in today with a Bang! The temperatures will rise above 90 degrees, setting a record for one of the hottest days here in Massachusetts.

Austin and I will be sitting up by the pool later today. Actually, sitting in it might be more accurate and logical. My little buddy is not too keen on swimming,but he likes to ride on his little doggie boat in the pool . I can at least splash and wet him down a little to cool him off.

With the temperatures being so hot, and the sun beating down on him. I take extra caution to exposing him to hyperthermia.

Heat exhaustion should be taken seriously. Without immediate attention, your dog could die.

How can you tell if in fact your dog is suffering with hyperthermia? Read this article to learn what hyperthermia is, and how to be aware of your dogs symptoms.

With this information, you can rest assure, your little buddy will enjoy the summer activities that you enjoy.

Do this:

For the love of Dogs Today!  

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Pool Safety with your dog

Good morning, it’s another beautiful morning. What a way to start off the first of June. Sunshine, birds singing. There was a wonderful breeze blowing in through my bedroom window this morning.

Austin is usually the first to greet me in the morning with Licks, and jumping all over me letting me know, “Come on mom, I got to go, got to go.” But this morning he chose to sleep in. On such a beautiful morning, I like to get up, pour myself a cup of coffee, and sit out on the patio with my laptop at hand. Today, however, I’m sitting inside at the desktop, while Austin rest sleeping on my lap. He must know that we can’t sit out this morning, because the lawn has been treated with chemicals.

Our plan for this afternoon is to sit up by the pool .Austin will be confined to the pool deck, unless he decides to jump in for a quick swim. It is so funny to see him jump, paddle a bit not even a quarter of the way in, just to turn around and come back out.

When there are people splashing around in the Pool, Austin will get all hyper and nervous and jump in to save us. Then he realizes that his long back and his hind legs are sinking. So he immediately makes a quick U Turn for the steps and out onto the deck. “Okay guys, I’m out of here, you’re on your own.” He jumps up on our towels in the lounge chairs, and like a seal, tucks his front legs under his body and uses his hind legs to push around in a circle from side to side, on what use to be our dry towels! Now he sighs, and plops his way down on the chair and with his little chin resting on

(his towel, now) stares at us!

Does your dog know how to swim? I always thought that it was natural for any dog to swim, but Austin has proved this not to be true. He can swim for a short while, but with great effort. It is very likely for him to drown if he is not supervised or does not have easy access from the pool to the deck.

There is an alarming rise of pets drowning in swimming pools! Please don’t let your best friend fall into the statistics

(or your POOL!) Teach him how to swim! Do this:

For the love of Dogs today!

And all pets.

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Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

I find it unusual that Austin does not drink a lot of water in the summer. Any time actually, though he drinks more now since he has been on medication for his seizures.

(Which by the way he is doing very well with, so far!)

I worry that he will become dehydrated. He would rather eat than drink. So I offer him his favorite treat (all meat chicken tenders for Dogs.) and After Just one, he waddles over to the water bowl for a few sips at least.

When we are outdoors and the weather is hot. Austin will find a shady place to rest, and a bowl of water is always there with him. If I put ice cubes in it, he will play with them. Taking them out of the bowl and pushing them around with his snout. Every now and then, he will give them a lick, and proceed to play with them until they melt.

Dachshunds are not only stubborn, but have a will of their own. If they know that you want them to do a certain thing, you can better believe that they are going to do the complete opposite. He gives me a look like,

 “go ahead, make my day!”

“Okay, Clint. Who’s going to win this time?” When I see his tail between his legs, and his head hanging, refusing to look at me, I know I won the battle again! (But we won’t tell him. His pride is already shot)

So how can you tell if a dog is dehydrated? Read this article, and take the time to replenish that water bowl with fresh water during these hot summer days. Do this

                                                                              For the love of dogs today.

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Summer Safety Tips for you and your dog


How was your Memorial Day weekend? The weather here was absolutely perfect.A great day for gatherings and cookouts. My family and I enjoyed the warmth of the sun. The smell of baby back ribs cooking on the grill. The pool and the beauty of all the plants my husband and I had planted on Saturday.

Tom takes great pride and puts forth lots of effort into keeping our lawn and gardens beautiful. 

Even Austin enjoys laying in the cool grass in the shade.


Maintaining a yard is a lot of work! And can be a little pricy also (ask my husband, he won’t deny) So far this year he has mowed the grass at least 7 or 8 times

( I lost count, but I’m sure he would tell you!) and fertilized, multched, put down weed killer, cut down tree branches, trimmed hedges and more.

While he is concerned with the tasks at hand, it is my responsibility to know when and where my little buddy can have a potty area! We all know that there are dangerous chemicals that are used in lawn and garden products. So our pets need to be carefully supervised and guided to a safe place for relief.

Another summer concern for our little buddies is protection from flees and ticks. Though this  should be a concern all year round, summer seams to be the most prevalent.

Have your veterinarian recommend the best flee and tick treatment for your pets. Just like people, what is good for one is not always good for another.

Do this for the love of dogs today.

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Leashing your dog





Many states have their own requirements for when your dog needs to be on a leash. Find your state here to check out what they are.

My little guy is on a leash at all times outdoors. Though he has been trained at an early age to come when he is called, there is always a chance that he will dart into the road for whatever reasons. He’s a little hound, and he loves to chase rabbits. Whether I call him or not, if he spots that rabbit going across the street into the woods, Austin is bolting right in his trail. (Ugh! Just the thought of that.)

Leashes and runners can be a real nuisance ,especially when you put two dogs out in the yard together, each on their own leash. Get a load on these pictures of Austin and my daughter’s dog, Eli.

So here you have it!

A tangled mess.

I’d be interested to know more about invisible fences. I haven’t done much research on shock collars and fences yet. I thought I might first throw it out to those of you that have them, and what you like and don’t like about them.

Do they work? Are they worth the money spent? In general, how do you feel about them?

My daughter has decided that Eli will have a shock collar before the summer is out! I’m not all that keen on them, but like I said, I haven’t really done the research.

Of course we like to make our summers fun and safe for ourselves and our dogs, but what is good for some is not for others.

So, before I go ahead and do more research and comparisons, I’d really like to hear from you. I’d like to be able to relax in my back yard or by the pool, without having to worry about the consequences of not having my little guy on a leash or runner.

 Though I would like to avoid the tangled mess! (Ugh) my main concern is

for the love of dogs today! 


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