A Puppy’s first Christmas

Austin was just 3 months old when he celebrated his first Christmas with us here at home. Putting up decorations and a tree turned out to be more of a chore than the year before. Don’t get me wrong! I love Christmas and all that goes into the preparations, decorations and gift giving. But as much as I enjoy the celebrations, it is also a lot of extra work. Having a little puppy at your feet looking for attention when you’re up and down on a latter trying to string lights on a tree is not easy. So, what do you do? This is when you stop, pick him up and in a nice tone, tell him he needs to go in his crate with a cookie. Well, that lasted for about 5 minutes. He started to cry, whine, bark and howl! (Oh boy Austin, you are such a hound!) After a while he settled down and I managed to finish decorating the tree. It wasn’t too much later after letting him out of his crate that he discovered the popcorn garland and started chewing on it. When he finished with a piece of popcorn, he went for the big water bowl. THE TREE STAND!! Thank goodness there wasn’t any tree preservative in it. Every year I would add some to the water. That year I could not find any. Thank God!!

There are also many holiday plants that are poisonous to your dog. I have two beautiful holly bushes outside under my dining room window. Every year I cut some down to add to home decor. Keeping them up high and out of reach from children and animals. Did you know too, that poinsettia leaves are dangerous for your pets? They can irritate the inside of their mouths.

I found putting packaged gifts under the tree before Christmas is not a good idea with a curious puppy around them. That year I had to re-wrap some gifts because Austin I guess thought they were for him, and tore them apart. I caught him before he could ingest any wrapping paper or ribbon.

At 6 years old now, he is still curious and at times confused about what the fuss is all about at Christmas. Especially when everything but the tree is now hanging on the ceiling. (Great idea unless you have birds)

So before those accidents happen, do the homework, protect your pets, and have a wonderful Christmas with friends, family, and of course your dog.

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A Thanksgiving meal for your dog

It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving already. Why does the time go by faster as we get older? Shouldn’t it be that it slows down as we do when we get older?

The one thing I like (in my young age, lol) is not having to cook all of the holiday meals. That’s the children’s job now! Tom, I and Austin had Thanksgiving at my daughters two years in a row. This year we will be going there again and with a new addition to the family ( a four legged one, I’m not that young ) It will prove interesting when her two dogs and mine get together in a houseful of relatives coming out of the woodwork. (Better her than me) I can just see four hungry fur babies just waiting for something to hit the floor. And as smart as these guys are, I wouldn’t put it pass them to plan their moves. They know their humans better than we know them.

If they haven’t knocked over the desert table, or ran off with the turkey, I guess you could say they deserve a little Thanksgiving meal too! Last year I let Austin have a little turkey gravy and he ended up with diarrhea (Yuk) but he recovered quick. The ASPCA has some very good tips for what your dog can eat and not eat. They claim that a little gravy will not hurt him, but I don’t think Austin will get anymore, any time soon! We all know that turkey bones are a no no, but the meat on them is just waiting to be desired!

Green beans are great, providing your dog likes them. Austin has been eating green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes and cucumbers since he was a puppy! Not all at once of course (though he would like too!)

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy and share just a little with your buddies!

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