Is your Yard safe for dogs to play in?



This is the time of year when we worry most about our dogs, getting flees and ticks. We should also be concerned with many more hazards of spring and summer. Just like the autumn and winter. Changing seasons pose many environmental hazards for dogs as well as us. Young children and animals alike can be curious of many attractions of dangerous plants chemicals etc.


 Smelling and tasting a poisonous plant. An appealing chemical stored in the shed or garage. (Such as antifreeze) which has a sweet taste and most appealing to dogs. Antifreeze swallowed has proved to be fatal.


I once witnessed a dog that suffered and died from this. I wrote an article last year on

Health Hazards. And another in February. Contaminants in water.


The list of poisons goes on and on. We should be quite vigilant to the activities of our pets and children, to avoid serious accidents!


 Here you can find just a few of the many poisonous plants, indoors and out. Chemicals, medicines, lead poisoning, berries, bee stings, foods, Fungicides, and again, the list goes on.

Shop around for safe products for your pets. There are many products pet friendly such as weed killers, and more.

Treat and enjoy the effects of your yard and garden, while feeling assured that your pets and children can safely enjoy the outdoors too!

Do this:

For the love of dogs today!

Cold Weather and your dogs dry skin


With the cold weather now upon us I have noticed very dry flaky skin on my dogs. Much like myself, their skin has become very dry from the dry cold weather. It is always good however to first rule out more serious reasons for your dog’s dry skin.  Here you can find some of the more serious conditions of dry itchy skin.

Unless your pet has not suffered with dry itchy skin till now, it would be safe to consider it is in fact the dry cold weather conditions that would cause this. Always check with your vet before treating your dog for any aliment you might be concerned about.

Changing your dog’s food
for the winter can aid in restoring a shiny, healthy coat. A diet rich in proteins, and fatty acids will reduce the dry flaky skin. You can be assured also that your dog is still getting the nutrients required for good health.


Reduce the times you bathe your dog. A dog that lives inside during the winter months usually does not need a bath as often as in the warmer months. When your dog however requires a bath, I have found that using an oatmeal based shampoo and conditioner reduces the dry itchy skin and it smells great too! I actually use it all year round. Because I have a pool that the dogs enjoy swimming in, their skin can dry from the chlorine.

If the air in your home is dry. Try running a humidifier. I have a wood pellet stove and keep a heavy pot filled with water on top.


Brushing your dog daily is important to keeping their coats healthy and shining. My little Chi weenie has a very short coat but she actually has more dry skin than my wired hair Dachshund .In between baths, I use a spray conditioning Detangler that controls dander on her and a less matted fur on him.


Remember to check with your Vet before treating your dog or changing his diet. Your vet knows best what is good for your dogs well being. Do this:

For the Love of dogs today

Brushing your dogs teeth

Brushing Austin’s teeth has always been a hassle. It took me two years before I realized it was the toothpaste he didn’t like. I started with beef flavored toothpaste and he refused to even smell it, let alone taste it. So I have to admit that I simply gave up on trying to brush his teeth. (I Know, Bad Mommy!)

I started buying the greenies for him, in hopes that it would substitute for brushing. That didn’t work at first because he would take the treat and go hide it somewhere in the house. Every now and then I would find him chewing on one, but they really weren’t his favorite treats.

Six years later I’m still trying to brush his teeth with a little less effort now that I switched to poultry bastes toothpaste. He really doesn’t like it but tolerates it for the most part. Unfortunately he has gone too long with his teeth not being brushed frequently. The vet tells me that the tarter on his teeth is very little but I should still have them cleaned before tarter builds up. The cost to have a dogs teeth cleaned can be very expensive. Dogs need to have Anesthesia in order for the teeth, gums, and bones to be thoroughly scraped and cleansed. There are methods where a vet can clean without anesthesia, but I read an article about the myth of no anesthesia cleaning. Though it may reduce the cost for cleaning, it in fact sets up more harm for your dog for many reasons stated in this issue.  anesthesia-teeth-cleaning-myth.

It is essential that a dog’s teeth be maintained to prevent serious ill effects on their health. you

Arm & Hammer Odorless/Flavorless Dental Rinse for Dogs  - PetSmart


Once your dogs teeth are cleaned and maintained you can also use additives to their food and or water, to help prevent tarter, and leave their breath smelling fresh. I started using the Arm and Hammer Advanced Care dental water additive. Only a month later have I noticed an extreme difference in Austin’s breath. It is still important  to brush your dog’s teeth, but you can have comfort knowing that your dogs water bowl is fighting tarter every time he drinks.

Do This:

for the Love of Dogs Today


100% USA made dog food (No such thing!!)

Updated: January 31, 2013

With the heightening concerns for the food and treats we give our dogs, I did some research on 100% dog foods made in the USA. To my surprise and many hours of research there is not one dog food or treat guaranteed to be 100% USA made. Although the food products used to make dog food in the US is in fact 100%, the added vitamins and nutrients that a dog needs, come from sources outside the US. It was this fact that frightened me as I began to read this article:

I proceeded to search now for USA manufactured vitamins and premix:

A commercially prepared mixture of dry ingredients. This premix is likely made overseas.

It was my hope to list all USA made dog foods and treats, and eliminate the fears of overseas products that are making our dogs sick and dying. The only means of safe foods I can come up with are the self-made, homemade and raw foods for our pets. But even this raises serious health issues. Just like humans need nutrients and vitamins, so do our dogs. Though their needs are different from ours. I researched them and this is what I found:

I’ll keep researching but in the mean time I’ll continue to make my little guys their chicken and sweet potatoes treats. ( Austin’s Yummy’s  )

True Chews® Chicken Jerky Fillets 100% Natural Dog Treats - PetSmart   BLUE Wilderness Jerky Trail Treats - PetSmartWhen pressed for time,I will buy chicken jerky treats that I would consider safe. I will however stay away from any and all dog foods and treats that are made in China. Some of the dog treats and foods in which I buy  and recommend can be found at pet stores around the country. I have purchased my dogs treats at Pet Smart where I have found them to be less pricy than other stores. Pet Smart offers many discounts and coupons to save you money.Click on images to view what you can save today or shop here at Pet

Do you have a recipe or a suggestion you would like to share on the well-being of your dog? We would love to hear from you here at:

  For the love of dogs today

Skin irritations and treatment for dogs

.1-800-PetMeds RX/468x60.gif

As my little buddy gets up in doggie years, so too does the health issues. I guess he takes after mom here. I wake up many mornings with a new ache or pain. However, I can’t be running off to the Doctors every time I feel a discomfort. (Comes with age 🙁 (ugh!)

My buddy had a restless night last night. He kept scratching and scratching at his left ear. I thought he might have an ear infection, because this has always been the case in the past. In the morning, I took a look inside his ear, and thought it looked normal, clean, and no smelly odor. However, just beneath his long floppy ear I noticed he had scratched a small area of skin raw. “Oh, poor baby” Could it be flea’s? Maybe a tick had gone unnoticed? Moisture trapped in the skin and fur because of his long ears? Maybe it is an allergic reaction? But to what? Austin is up to date with his flea application, and takes Benadryl for his sneezing attacks. My poor little guy is a “Doxie druggy.” So I did a little research for myself and Buddy, to get an idea for a treatment without having to see the vet.” okay Buddy, we won’t run off to the vet’s just yet!” (Whew, thanks mom! Lick, lick) instead I washed the sore with warm water and a little soap. Dried it well, and applied clear caladryl to the area.

Before applying any ointment or lotion to a dog’s skin, consideration should be taken to the area in which it will be applied to. It should not be in a dog’s reach where he can lick at it. A wise move would be to check with your vet if in deed the application can at all be used.

There is a list of foods and medicines that can make your dog sick, and or be fatal.

 Please take caution with all medications and foods for your dog. Do this:

For the love of Dogs today

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Allergic Reactions


It’s that time of year for    pollen and other environmental allergens to attack those who suffer with allergies. Dogs like people suffer too with allergies. Though their symptoms can be different and often difficult to determine if in fact it is an allergic reaction.

My little guy has sneezing attacks. It doesn’t sound like a sneeze, it’s more like a gasping of air  sound.

The first time this occurred, I thought he was dying. He couldn’t catch a breath and it went on and on for a long enough time  to scare the sweat out of me.

I didn’t rush him off to the vet’s though ( I wanted to ) I merely spoke to Austin’s Vet about the experience. I first learned that the sneezing in fact is a sneeze, but in reverse. This is called (Pharyngeal Gag Reflex)

Dogs will sneeze usually because of an irritation in the dog’s throat. This will cause a spasm and make it harder for the dog to breath. Though it sounds like a serious condition, it isn’t always. This was the case with Austin. The vet determined it was an environmental allergen. And Benadryl was suggested to help with the sneezing.

Reverse sneezing itself rarely requires treatment, but if you are concerned about your dog sneezing, or if it occurs more frequently. See your Veterinarian. Never give a dog medication without your Vet’s Approval. For ease of mind, and loving care, do this:

For the love of Dogs Today!

“Please come back again! Austin and I have lots to “ WOOF” about”


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Overweight Dogs

It’ been more than a week now since Austin’s been home.

Though he is doing quite well with his medicine, he is still over weight. He needs to take off at least 5 pounds. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but keep in mind that he is a miniature doxie.Austin should weigh at most 15 pounds. He tips the scale at 20.4 Pounds.

It is common for dogs that are on Phenobarbital to be hungrier and thirsty. My little guy was always hungry. (So I thought) Although he drinks more now than he use to, which is a good thing.

Just like us humans who like to eat, will put on weight eating more calories than our bodies burn.

What does that mean? (Okay folks, dosen’t take rocket science to figure that one out.)

Austin (and I!!!) need to exercise more. (Yuk, that seems like a dirty word unless of course, you are a physical fitness trainer.)

We all know taking your dog for a walk every day is good exercise for both.

Healthy food, plenty of water, (easy on those snacks. That goes for humans too!) And rest is crucial for all of us.

There are other factors in gaining weight other than the most obvious. There are Hormonal disorders, such as Cushing’s disease. Slowing metabolism. Spaying or neutering.

With this much said, I better get up and take Austin for a walk! It’s a beautiful day today, and as much as I need the exercise I’m doing it

 For the love of dogs today!

Dog Calorie Calculator by TrainPetDog

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Health Hazzards


1-800-PetMeds RX/468x60.gif

Since the incident with Austin’s seizures, I have been more conscious of his well-being. Better foods, more excercise, and things that he might get into that could possibly make him ill or injured.

One thing that came to mind while I was cleaning house was, are these products I’m using safe for animals? We all know that most, if not all are poisonous if ingested. But are you aware that just by using some household products can pose serious dangers to both people and pets? I was shocked to find that I have been using some of these products myself.

One poisonous agent that I think most of us are familiar with is anti freeze.  This is found in at least one cleaning product I discovered. The sweet scent and taste of antifreeze attracts the animals and the slightest amount can kill them.

I unfortunately witnessed a poor little dog who suffered from anti freeze poisoning. By the time his owner had realized what he had ingested, it was too late. His kidneys had failed ,and he could not be saved.

So please read all labels before you clean. Know the products that are harmful to your pets. When in doubt, do the research. Find products that are safe for your home environment.  Do this for the love of dogs today, and all pets!

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