Brushing your dogs teeth

Brushing Austin’s teeth has always been a hassle. It took me two years before I realized it was the toothpaste he didn’t like. I started with beef flavored toothpaste and he refused to even smell it, let alone taste it. So I have to admit that I simply gave up on trying to brush his teeth. (I Know, Bad Mommy!)

I started buying the greenies for him, in hopes that it would substitute for brushing. That didn’t work at first because he would take the treat and go hide it somewhere in the house. Every now and then I would find him chewing on one, but they really weren’t his favorite treats.

Six years later I’m still trying to brush his teeth with a little less effort now that I switched to poultry bastes toothpaste. He really doesn’t like it but tolerates it for the most part. Unfortunately he has gone too long with his teeth not being brushed frequently. The vet tells me that the tarter on his teeth is very little but I should still have them cleaned before tarter builds up. The cost to have a dogs teeth cleaned can be very expensive. Dogs need to have Anesthesia in order for the teeth, gums, and bones to be thoroughly scraped and cleansed. There are methods where a vet can clean without anesthesia, but I read an article about the myth of no anesthesia cleaning. Though it may reduce the cost for cleaning, it in fact sets up more harm for your dog for many reasons stated in this issue.  anesthesia-teeth-cleaning-myth.

It is essential that a dog’s teeth be maintained to prevent serious ill effects on their health. you

Arm & Hammer Odorless/Flavorless Dental Rinse for Dogs  - PetSmart


Once your dogs teeth are cleaned and maintained you can also use additives to their food and or water, to help prevent tarter, and leave their breath smelling fresh. I started using the Arm and Hammer Advanced Care dental water additive. Only a month later have I noticed an extreme difference in Austin’s breath. It is still important  to brush your dog’s teeth, but you can have comfort knowing that your dogs water bowl is fighting tarter every time he drinks.

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