Foods that can be harmful for your dog

 Garlic and onions contain toxic elements for dogs

Summer is the best time of year for fresh fruits and vegetables.

August is the time especially to buy or pick your own blueberries. Market prices now are down too, for fresh produce.

Did you know that blueberries are a good source of nutrition for your dog? Better than the average dog treat that is processed. It is not determined whether or not dogs benefit by the antioxidants in blueberries like people do, but it is  a safe food for your dog.

Austin loves all kinds of vegetables and fruits; however there are some fruits and vegetables that can actually hurt him. Some of which are:

Grapes can be harmful to dogs

Grapes, raisins, apples, peaches, and cherries.

Peppers, ripe tomato and potato skins, to name a few.

There are many more foods that need to be questioned before feeding them to your dog. Always check with your Vet first before feeding your dog food that you are not sure of.

Always do this:

For the love of dogs today

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Dogs and Depression


July was both a busy, but difficult month. Vacation time in the first week was spent with family members who shared my home for the entire week. It’s a lot of work with more than one family under the same roof, but at the same time rewarding.

The second week in July I spent the week cleaning until we got a sad call of a passing relative. Plans changed for the remainder of the week and the following we attended the out-of-town services.

Now it’s the last week in July that I can concentrate on blogging and just sharing some good times with my little buddy! He has become a little depressed mainly because he has not been the center of attention.

On July 27th another call came through. Another fatality. This time it was the loss my dear sister’s loving young son of 21. The grief we all share is one of the most difficult times in our family’s lives.

All month I have been trying to blog when a distraction to say the very least fell upon me. Not only has my life been disrupted but the life of my littlest four-legged family has been too!

Austin has been through a traumatic time since his first seizure. We have been back and forth to the vets numerous times since May. Although he is doing physically well, he is now depressed due to the events of July.

It is now August 5th and God knows we need to get back to all the living things precious to us. My little man is a precious piece of God’s work and needs to be protected and cared for.

During our times of sorrows, Austin was put in a kennel. Finding a trusting and caring facility for our animals is as important as finding a day care for our children. My little buddy is my furry four-legged baby. I want nothing but the best for him.

Summer is not yet over and I wish every reader out there a happy joyous summer. Think of your loving pets as well, taking good care of their needs for the summer heat, abstinence and all that come

For the love of Dogs today!

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Vacationing with your Dog

Two years ago at this time was spent on the beach near Cape Cod. My husband and I had booked accommodations at a cute little boat house on the beach. The house sat on the sands of the Ocean. Across the street in front of the house was a river. A large deck framed more than half of the house. You could walk down the steps onto the hot sandy beach into the cold waters of the ocean. In front of the house was a welcoming breeze and at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade.

Austinenjoyed the beach as much as we did. We ran in the sand and waters, and played ball. Tom and I would walk the beach picking up sea shells. Austin quickly got the idea and would start sniffing them out and delivering them to us.IMG_2423

When we made these reservations for our vacation, my little guy was well kept in mind. We wanted to enjoy a vacation that offered accommodations for dogs. I was actually unaware as to how many places offered such generous accommodations for family pets.

It is a great relief to know that your best friend can enjoy a home away from home with his two legged family.

So if you are considering taking a vacation with your dog, look around and you will be surprised at what you can find.

Dogs need a vacation too! I believe it keeps them healthy and active, just to be in a different environment with a loving family. I know we had a great time with Austin at the beach with us. So enjoy your summer and your pet. Do this:

For the love of dogs today.

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Why dogs like stuffed animals

With all the toys out there for a dog to enjoy, my little guy seems to enjoy stuffed animal toys that squeak, the best. He can tear at them and pull them apart in no time. He has other toys such as hard rubber toys and others that are heavily constructed. However, he seems to get bored with anything that he cannot tear to shreds. The nature of most dogs is to relate a squeaking sound to the sound of a small animal at prey. I find though, it is more in the nature of a hunting dog such as my little guy. Dachshunds were or still are raised to hunt badgers. One of the meanest animals of the wild. Dachsunds are fearless hunters, and will fight to its kill. My little guy is a sweet, sometimes wimpy and a mommy’s little man. Bring him out doors and let him spot a chipmunk or a rabbit, and he is barking, howling fearless and ferociously bolting well on their trail,if I didn’t have him on a runner or leash I would have an awful lot of lucky rabbits feet. (Not too lucky for them!!!)

Sooooo, on that note, I think I will just let him think he is this big bad ferocious creature that kills his stuffed squeaky toys. He’s happy, and I get to pick up the mess. But I do this:

For the love of dogs today!

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Keeping your dog cool


 “Happy Summer” everyone. First day of summer, and it’s coming in today with a Bang! The temperatures will rise above 90 degrees, setting a record for one of the hottest days here in Massachusetts.

Austin and I will be sitting up by the pool later today. Actually, sitting in it might be more accurate and logical. My little buddy is not too keen on swimming,but he likes to ride on his little doggie boat in the pool . I can at least splash and wet him down a little to cool him off.

With the temperatures being so hot, and the sun beating down on him. I take extra caution to exposing him to hyperthermia.

Heat exhaustion should be taken seriously. Without immediate attention, your dog could die.

How can you tell if in fact your dog is suffering with hyperthermia? Read this article to learn what hyperthermia is, and how to be aware of your dogs symptoms.

With this information, you can rest assure, your little buddy will enjoy the summer activities that you enjoy.

Do this:

For the love of Dogs Today!  

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Skin irritations and treatment for dogs

.1-800-PetMeds RX/468x60.gif

As my little buddy gets up in doggie years, so too does the health issues. I guess he takes after mom here. I wake up many mornings with a new ache or pain. However, I can’t be running off to the Doctors every time I feel a discomfort. (Comes with age 🙁 (ugh!)

My buddy had a restless night last night. He kept scratching and scratching at his left ear. I thought he might have an ear infection, because this has always been the case in the past. In the morning, I took a look inside his ear, and thought it looked normal, clean, and no smelly odor. However, just beneath his long floppy ear I noticed he had scratched a small area of skin raw. “Oh, poor baby” Could it be flea’s? Maybe a tick had gone unnoticed? Moisture trapped in the skin and fur because of his long ears? Maybe it is an allergic reaction? But to what? Austin is up to date with his flea application, and takes Benadryl for his sneezing attacks. My poor little guy is a “Doxie druggy.” So I did a little research for myself and Buddy, to get an idea for a treatment without having to see the vet.” okay Buddy, we won’t run off to the vet’s just yet!” (Whew, thanks mom! Lick, lick) instead I washed the sore with warm water and a little soap. Dried it well, and applied clear caladryl to the area.

Before applying any ointment or lotion to a dog’s skin, consideration should be taken to the area in which it will be applied to. It should not be in a dog’s reach where he can lick at it. A wise move would be to check with your vet if in deed the application can at all be used.

There is a list of foods and medicines that can make your dog sick, and or be fatal.

 Please take caution with all medications and foods for your dog. Do this:

For the love of Dogs today

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Excessive Shedding in Dogs

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Ok, I’m looking for some suggestions.  My yellow lab, Jake is shedding like he does when he gets nervous at the vets.  I didn’t realize that they will shed profusely when they are nervous.  But when we leave the vets, the scale is full of his beautiful blonde hair.  He always sheds like this twice a year, beginning of summer and the beginning of winter.  I brush him about three times of day…….and the amount of hair fills a small waste basket.  It just keeps coming and coming.  Too bad I can’t sell it to make a fur coat.  Are there any other things I can do other than bath him or short of shaving all his hair off?


I researched excessive shedding in dogs,and two out of three pages suggest a change in diet. The third was of which dogs shed the most. Your Jakey falls in that category. Here are the links to the pages that I found. Hope this helps?


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Pool Safety with your dog

Good morning, it’s another beautiful morning. What a way to start off the first of June. Sunshine, birds singing. There was a wonderful breeze blowing in through my bedroom window this morning.

Austin is usually the first to greet me in the morning with Licks, and jumping all over me letting me know, “Come on mom, I got to go, got to go.” But this morning he chose to sleep in. On such a beautiful morning, I like to get up, pour myself a cup of coffee, and sit out on the patio with my laptop at hand. Today, however, I’m sitting inside at the desktop, while Austin rest sleeping on my lap. He must know that we can’t sit out this morning, because the lawn has been treated with chemicals.

Our plan for this afternoon is to sit up by the pool .Austin will be confined to the pool deck, unless he decides to jump in for a quick swim. It is so funny to see him jump, paddle a bit not even a quarter of the way in, just to turn around and come back out.

When there are people splashing around in the Pool, Austin will get all hyper and nervous and jump in to save us. Then he realizes that his long back and his hind legs are sinking. So he immediately makes a quick U Turn for the steps and out onto the deck. “Okay guys, I’m out of here, you’re on your own.” He jumps up on our towels in the lounge chairs, and like a seal, tucks his front legs under his body and uses his hind legs to push around in a circle from side to side, on what use to be our dry towels! Now he sighs, and plops his way down on the chair and with his little chin resting on

(his towel, now) stares at us!

Does your dog know how to swim? I always thought that it was natural for any dog to swim, but Austin has proved this not to be true. He can swim for a short while, but with great effort. It is very likely for him to drown if he is not supervised or does not have easy access from the pool to the deck.

There is an alarming rise of pets drowning in swimming pools! Please don’t let your best friend fall into the statistics

(or your POOL!) Teach him how to swim! Do this:

For the love of Dogs today!

And all pets.

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Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

I find it unusual that Austin does not drink a lot of water in the summer. Any time actually, though he drinks more now since he has been on medication for his seizures.

(Which by the way he is doing very well with, so far!)

I worry that he will become dehydrated. He would rather eat than drink. So I offer him his favorite treat (all meat chicken tenders for Dogs.) and After Just one, he waddles over to the water bowl for a few sips at least.

When we are outdoors and the weather is hot. Austin will find a shady place to rest, and a bowl of water is always there with him. If I put ice cubes in it, he will play with them. Taking them out of the bowl and pushing them around with his snout. Every now and then, he will give them a lick, and proceed to play with them until they melt.

Dachshunds are not only stubborn, but have a will of their own. If they know that you want them to do a certain thing, you can better believe that they are going to do the complete opposite. He gives me a look like,

 “go ahead, make my day!”

“Okay, Clint. Who’s going to win this time?” When I see his tail between his legs, and his head hanging, refusing to look at me, I know I won the battle again! (But we won’t tell him. His pride is already shot)

So how can you tell if a dog is dehydrated? Read this article, and take the time to replenish that water bowl with fresh water during these hot summer days. Do this

                                                                              For the love of dogs today.

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