Dogs comforting Newtown

In the event of the Newtown tragedy,where 20 small lives and 6 adults’ lives were taken. People were left with the horrible memories of how this could and did happen.

How can lives in Newtown and all over the Country be restored and comforted?

Well, our best friends pull through again! Healing and helping people pull together to be strong, and restore their faith.

View this wonderful video on how Dogs join together with students and teachers. Listen to how beauty came out of such a horrible event.

God Bless the dogs and the people who are trying to restore normalcy in Newtown.


100% USA made dog food (No such thing!!)

Updated: January 31, 2013

With the heightening concerns for the food and treats we give our dogs, I did some research on 100% dog foods made in the USA. To my surprise and many hours of research there is not one dog food or treat guaranteed to be 100% USA made. Although the food products used to make dog food in the US is in fact 100%, the added vitamins and nutrients that a dog needs, come from sources outside the US. It was this fact that frightened me as I began to read this article:

I proceeded to search now for USA manufactured vitamins and premix:

A commercially prepared mixture of dry ingredients. This premix is likely made overseas.

It was my hope to list all USA made dog foods and treats, and eliminate the fears of overseas products that are making our dogs sick and dying. The only means of safe foods I can come up with are the self-made, homemade and raw foods for our pets. But even this raises serious health issues. Just like humans need nutrients and vitamins, so do our dogs. Though their needs are different from ours. I researched them and this is what I found:

I’ll keep researching but in the mean time I’ll continue to make my little guys their chicken and sweet potatoes treats. ( Austin’s Yummy’s  )

True Chews® Chicken Jerky Fillets 100% Natural Dog Treats - PetSmart   BLUE Wilderness Jerky Trail Treats - PetSmartWhen pressed for time,I will buy chicken jerky treats that I would consider safe. I will however stay away from any and all dog foods and treats that are made in China. Some of the dog treats and foods in which I buy  and recommend can be found at pet stores around the country. I have purchased my dogs treats at Pet Smart where I have found them to be less pricy than other stores. Pet Smart offers many discounts and coupons to save you money.Click on images to view what you can save today or shop here at Pet

Do you have a recipe or a suggestion you would like to share on the well-being of your dog? We would love to hear from you here at:

  For the love of dogs today

Training your dog to potty in the rain and snow


Austin was just 10 weeks old when I got him. The very first day I brought him home I carried him through the house and out the back door to go potty. I would take his little paw and scratch the door before opening it. Soon he would learn to scratch on the door when he wanted to go outside. Believe me though, it wasn’t easy. Especially when you have a very stubborn breed. Dachshunds are very hard to potty train. Austin would have accidents often. Many I believe however were not accidents at all. Just pure stubbornness. If it rained or snowed, he would not even attempt to go outside. I would have to bring him out and stand in rain or snow while he kept making U-turns for the door. Eventually I decided on putting down puppy pads for him in the garage.

Now that I have another tiny little stubborn cutie, this method of relief seems to work well for both of them.And I don’t have to worry and watch over them every second they are in the house after eating. And when the weather is more tolerable, they know its outside, no negotiations.

There are varied methods of training your dog to go outside when it rains or snows. My little chiweenie doesn’t mind it if I put a sweater or some type of clothing on her, but my Austin hates it. I thought buying a raincoat for him would encourage him to at least tolerate the wet weather, but that did not work well with him. Though Lilly doesn’t mind getting dressed at all, she still will not go potty outdoors with the wet stuff.

Here are some tips for getting your dog to go outside in all kinds of weather.

While I don’t mind using the garage for more than just parking the car, I think I will continue to try a few of these tips as well.

All in:

For the love of Dogs today

A Puppy’s first Christmas

Austin was just 3 months old when he celebrated his first Christmas with us here at home. Putting up decorations and a tree turned out to be more of a chore than the year before. Don’t get me wrong! I love Christmas and all that goes into the preparations, decorations and gift giving. But as much as I enjoy the celebrations, it is also a lot of extra work. Having a little puppy at your feet looking for attention when you’re up and down on a latter trying to string lights on a tree is not easy. So, what do you do? This is when you stop, pick him up and in a nice tone, tell him he needs to go in his crate with a cookie. Well, that lasted for about 5 minutes. He started to cry, whine, bark and howl! (Oh boy Austin, you are such a hound!) After a while he settled down and I managed to finish decorating the tree. It wasn’t too much later after letting him out of his crate that he discovered the popcorn garland and started chewing on it. When he finished with a piece of popcorn, he went for the big water bowl. THE TREE STAND!! Thank goodness there wasn’t any tree preservative in it. Every year I would add some to the water. That year I could not find any. Thank God!!

There are also many holiday plants that are poisonous to your dog. I have two beautiful holly bushes outside under my dining room window. Every year I cut some down to add to home decor. Keeping them up high and out of reach from children and animals. Did you know too, that poinsettia leaves are dangerous for your pets? They can irritate the inside of their mouths.

I found putting packaged gifts under the tree before Christmas is not a good idea with a curious puppy around them. That year I had to re-wrap some gifts because Austin I guess thought they were for him, and tore them apart. I caught him before he could ingest any wrapping paper or ribbon.

At 6 years old now, he is still curious and at times confused about what the fuss is all about at Christmas. Especially when everything but the tree is now hanging on the ceiling. (Great idea unless you have birds)

So before those accidents happen, do the homework, protect your pets, and have a wonderful Christmas with friends, family, and of course your dog.

Do this:

For the love of dogs today


A Thanksgiving meal for your dog

It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving already. Why does the time go by faster as we get older? Shouldn’t it be that it slows down as we do when we get older?

The one thing I like (in my young age, lol) is not having to cook all of the holiday meals. That’s the children’s job now! Tom, I and Austin had Thanksgiving at my daughters two years in a row. This year we will be going there again and with a new addition to the family ( a four legged one, I’m not that young ) It will prove interesting when her two dogs and mine get together in a houseful of relatives coming out of the woodwork. (Better her than me) I can just see four hungry fur babies just waiting for something to hit the floor. And as smart as these guys are, I wouldn’t put it pass them to plan their moves. They know their humans better than we know them.

If they haven’t knocked over the desert table, or ran off with the turkey, I guess you could say they deserve a little Thanksgiving meal too! Last year I let Austin have a little turkey gravy and he ended up with diarrhea (Yuk) but he recovered quick. The ASPCA has some very good tips for what your dog can eat and not eat. They claim that a little gravy will not hurt him, but I don’t think Austin will get anymore, any time soon! We all know that turkey bones are a no no, but the meat on them is just waiting to be desired!

Green beans are great, providing your dog likes them. Austin has been eating green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes and cucumbers since he was a puppy! Not all at once of course (though he would like too!)

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy and share just a little with your buddies!

Do this:

For the love of dogs today

keeping your dog safe and warm for the winter

Our first snow fall of the year, here in Massachusetts. Our town got just a little over an inch. Enough to cover the ground. It was also enough to keep my little Doxie from going out doors this morning. He took about three steps into the snow and made a U turn back into the garage. Lucky for him and me both, I can lay puppy pads done for him to use.

There isn’t too much snow to have to worry about shoveling; I can lay down some ice melt. Did you know however that this can hurt your dog if ingested? Even walking on could possibly burn the little pads of his feet.

I will probably shovel near the garage area and a spot for him to use when he needs to relieve himself. Other than that, I will use a paw safe ice melt. You can purchase a brand for your pet in many stores. sells a variety, and I find that there prices are lower than others. Pet smart claims to sell one, however I have not been able to locate it there.

When it comes to the cold and your pets, you need to be concerned not only for safety, but for comfort as well. Here are some tips at: ASPCA The tips  here will ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Be sure to read what poisons can be ingested during the winter season, and take note as to how dogs can get lost very easily in a storm or cold weather, because of their lose of scent.

Take measures for your dog that you would for yourselves. Keep them warm, safe, and comfortable.

Do this:

For the love of dogs today

Preparing your dog in natural disasters

Are you prepared for Storm Sandy?

US authorities order mass evacuations and airlines cancel transatlantic flights as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast.   It’s Monday morning here in Massachusetts, and the winds are starting to pick up. There is just a drizzle of rain, but heavier winds and rain are expected by afternoon.  Retail stores, and supermarkets, have been jamming with people buying batteries, generators, flashlights, food and water. Banks and gas stations as well have been swarming with customers.

I remember all too well last year’s devastating storm just one year and a day today. Many People in Massachusetts and states nearby, Connecticut and, Rhode Island were without power for two weeks and better. Utility workers from all around worked around the clock for weeks.

Last years devastation left quite an impact on us. This year people are taking a more extensive measure of action. Schools are already closed. Businesses are closing. Utility workers from other states are already here and prepared. There are more shelters available, and prepared to help in the event of evacuations.

How have you and your family prepared for this storm? Where will you and your pets go in the event of an evacuation?

Victoria Stilwell gives some excellent tips on preparing your dog for a Hurricane. Pets as well as people need a plan of action, with food and water, medicine’s, bedding, and a place to stay. Check with shelters in your area to know if they will accept you with your pets.

Do this:

For the love of dogs today

To everyone that may be affected by Storm Sandy, be prepared, stay safe, and stay together!

Stop Killing animals!

November 8, 2012

Don’t Let Tobacco Companies Conduct Cruel Animal Experiments Sign Here!

Stop Killing animals!

Please help! Precious animals are suffering and dyeing every day because of human neglect and torture. You can help just by sharing this post and pages from this site to help more organizations and rescue shelters. I have just recently added pages to A Dogs Plea ,and will continue to do so, to help the wonderful people out there that put themselves out on a limb to save all animals. These are people who are not out there to profit. That’s what makes them so special. Far too often they have to pay out of pocket expenses that exceed even the many donations and fund raising events. So again, PLEASE HELP. Do this for the love of dogs today, and all of God’s creatures♥ Thank You for your support♥

Austin and Me

October 27, 2012

Please take a moment to read about the recent experiments exposed by PETA. If you’re as outraged as we are about this heartbreaking abuse, please donate today so your gift can be DOUBLED to help stop barbaric testing on animals. Time is running out to have your gift matched, so please don’t hesitate—donate today to help save animals from abuse in cruel experiments!

University laboratory experiments exposed -- PETA

No animal should suffer as Double Trouble did. Your gift today will go twice as far toward ending cruel experiments through PETA's Global Stop Animal Tests Challenge. Yes, I want to help!Dear Friend,What experimenters did to Double Trouble is heartbreaking.This beautiful tabby cat endured horrific torment for months in cruel and useless “sound localization” experiments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW)—deadly experiments that have been supported by more than $3 million in tax dollars.Will you help PETA end animal tests like these by taking the Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge right now? Your secure gift online today will be matched—dollar for dollar—by a group of generous PETA donors toward our online goal of $250,000 but only if you give before October 31. If we meet this ambitious goal, it will mean an urgently needed $500,000 to help shut down experiments like the one that killed Double Trouble.

It took more than three years and a successful PETA lawsuit before UW was compelled to release images from its deadly experiments on cats. Now, we can show you what the university tried so very hard to hide. According to records obtained by PETA, Double Trouble had to endure invasive surgeries during which she had steel coils implanted in her eyes, a stainless-steel post screwed to her skull, and electrodes inserted into her brain. In a subsequent surgery, this gentle orange cat was deafened by a toxic substance applied to her ears, and electrical implants were placed deep inside both ears. Please try to imagine the horror and fear that she endured—all the while “living” in a stainless-steel cage, alone at night and tormented by experimenters during the day. During surgery, Double Trouble’s anesthesia is reported to have worn off, likely leaving her to experience pain as experimenters cut into her head and skull. It is too horrible to contemplate, but we must because we need to stop such torture.

As time went on, Double Trouble’s condition worsened. Her face became partially paralyzed, and her head wound would not heal for more than three months after her last surgery. An antibiotic-resistant infection raged in her wound for almost two months before UW experimenters killed her, beheaded her (and we have pictures of that, too, which we will spare you), and cut apart her brain.

Double Trouble is just one of so very many sensitive animals who are cut, burned, poisoned, and subjected to even worse torment in deadly experiments each year. If you donate during PETA’s Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge right now, your gift made before the October 31 deadline will be matched, going twice as far toward combating the horrific suffering of animals like her in cruel experiments.

The useless experiments that led to Double Trouble’s torment are conducted on as many as 30 cats each year by UW alone and, according to the school’s very own records, are needed to “keep up a productive publication record that ensures our constant funding.” In other words, to publish papers in order to keep public funds coming in. That’s their game. There are no peer-reviewed papers in any scientific journals that have resulted from the months of suffering that she endured; indeed, even experimenters themselves have acknowledged that there was a problem with her surgery.

Since our first landmark undercover exposé of laboratory abuse more than 30 years ago, PETA has won groundbreaking victories that have stopped deadly animal tests in their tracks and saved millions of animals from suffering at the hands of experimenters. At this very moment, we’re pressuring federal officials to investigate Double Trouble’s case and cut off funding for these cruel and completely worthless experiments.

Your generous gift today during the Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge will be matched, bringing us closer to our $250,000 online goal and going twice as far toward ending horrific tests like those at UW.

Thank you for your compassion for all animals, particularly those in laboratories who right now need our help.

Kind regards,

Ingrid Newkirk

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. There may be no better time to help animals like Double Trouble than during this special challenge. Please donate online right now and support PETA’s work to expose and stop deadly experiments on animals.
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This was sent by PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.


Stop Killing animals!

I have just spent an entire morning reaching out and pleading to an entire nation to “please stop killing our most precious companions” Our rescue and adoption shelters all over the world are full to the max with homeless animals to say the least. Many of them are sick, have been abused, and were left to die.

While all shelters are not the same, many of them are deserving of our help and donations. These are the people who love and care for these poor animals and provide a home and or foster home and the care that they need. Many times spending their own money to give them the attention and medical needs they so deserve?

I have found some very reputable rescue and adoption shelters in which I both recommend and support. You can find them here and on my face book.

What happens though when these good shelters are full to the max? (In which many are).

Not all dogs are fortunate enough to be turned over to a rescue, adopt, or a no kill shelter. Even if they are, these shelters are full to the max and have no alternative but to direct them else where.  Many are abandoned and left to die, or given up to a kill shelter.

Save a life, gain a buddy -

How will you help? Write and let us know. Do this for:

For the love of dogs today

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Halloween with your Dog

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When searching information for the safety issues and precautions to take for your dog at Halloween, I was surprised not to find the event listing in the AKC list for holidays and your dog! However there are very good tips for Thanksgiving and Christmas that you may even want to print or save in your favorites.

The American Humane Society has excellent tips and awareness issues for you and your dog’s safety at Halloween.

Is your dog comfortable dressed in a costume? Some dogs don’t seem to care one way or the other, providing the costume is not restricting in any way. Some just like the idea of pleasing their owners, and merely tolerate it.

Although there is a lot of controversy, I read an article here, on why some dogs are uncomfortable wearing costumes.

Alexandra Horowitz, author of the bestseller Inside of a Dog, writes,

“Among wolves, one animal may “stand over” another: literally placing his body on top of and touching the other, as a scolding or a mild putting-in-one’s-place,” she wrote in the New Yorker. “To a dog, a costume, fitting tight around the dog’s midriff and back, might well reproduce that ancestral feeling. So the principal experience of wearing a costume would not be the experience of festivity; rather, the costume produces the discomfiting feeling that someone higher ranking is nearby. This interpretation is borne out by many dogs’ behavior when getting dressed in a costume: they may freeze in place as if they are being “dominated”—and soon try to dislodge the garments by shaking, pawing, or rolling in something so foul that it necessitates immediate disrobing.”

Whether you believe this statement to be true or not, I am convinced myself, that what Alexandra is saying, holds true for my own dog.

At Halloween I have always wanted to dress Austin as the wiener hot dog (that he is) not original, but cute! Although that costume would be adorable on him, it would stay on for about 5 seconds. Along with freezing in position, I would get a look something like this: 




then he would proceed to disrobe himself with all fours.

However you decide to celebrate the holidays with your pet, (in particular Halloween,) please keep in mind the comfort and safety of your dog. Do this:

For the love of dogs today

Crating your Dog

When getting a new dog, whether a puppy or an adult, a lot of planning should be considered. Just like people, there are no two dogs alike. Each and every one has specific needs. Some need more grooming than others; some have behavior issues, while some are easier to train. The list goes on and on.

Picking out what kind of breed is on the top list of considerations. Many dogs are good with children, others are not. Of course if there are children in the household, this is not even a consideration.

A consideration for both you and your pet is whether or not the dog is going to be crated, and for how long a period.

There is a lot of controversy on whether you should crate a dog or not. Many believe it is not a good idea to have a pet if they are going to be in a cage for a long time. First of all, how long is a long time? Second is, a dog is a den animal, a crate can serve as his safe haven.

My experience with crating my dog has been the best thing I could do for both he and I.

At 6 years old, he is still crated. Two big reasons: #1. He has been crated from the first day I got him at 8 weeks old. #2. My belief is that a dog being a den animal needs and is comfortable with a safe haven which in our case is his crate.

How long is too long depends entirely up to how long an animal can hold his bodily functions without being uncomfortable. It’s not hard to figure out, once you learn your dog’s potty habits. Most dogs will not soil the area in which they sleep. A puppy on the other hand is quite different.

When Austin was just a puppy, and I had to leave him for 5 hours at a time, I would put doggie pads in an area of his crate. As soon as I came home, whether or not he soiled the pads, I would bring him outdoors and give the command to pee or poop. (Your preference of words is yours, but keeps it short) I treated him immediately and praised him before bring him inside.

I find that treats work very well with dogs for many reasons, and crating a dog with a treat is one. Be sure it’s a treat that he will not choke on. I never leave a treat with Austin unattended.

If you have a dog that has not been crated or does not like to be crated, I believe treats for him can work. You’ll need to be consistent with what you do with your dog and crating. Encourage him to go inside with a treat. Once there, praise him and leave. If he barks, howls, cries or whatever, let him do this for only a short time and then in a very stern voice tell him “STOP” and leave. Return to him with a treat, only when it is time for him to come out. (Your terms, not his) He will soon learn that being crated is not so bad! And you in turn can be comfortable knowing that not only is he not tearing up the house or getting himself in trouble, but that he is safe, and believe it or not, he is comfortable too! He’s just waiting for that something yummy to come to him.

Do this:

For the love of dogs today

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