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 June 13, 2012

It’s been just a little over a month since my stay at the Ocean state veterinarian hospital. Mom says I’m doing quite well, though I’m always hungry. She tells me I need to loose weight. So now I’m down to only one or two chicken tender treats a day. These are my favorite. She breaks them in half. I’m really getting only one treat a day. She does mix my dry doggie food with a little white rice, sweet potatoe, and green beans. She has to cook the beans real good, or I won’t eat them. She tried giving them to me cooked Al dente. “I’m German, not Italian!” besides, I’m a meat eater; I’d rather have a hot dog!

(Ahhhhhhhh! maybe not!)

Anyway, that’s the scoop on my diet.

As for the medication I’m on, mom was worried that it might alter my personality. (Whatever that means?) I was a little bit tired and slept more for the first couple of days when I came home. and a little unsteady on my feet. At least I’m close to the ground should I fall.

The vet at OSVS has increased my Phenobarbital because I was on a very low dose. Though I haven’t had any seizures since my visit with them, she felt that I should have a higher maintenance dose. For this reason I will be going to the vet’s here at home on June 25 to have blood work and test done to monitor what the vet tells us is

The function of my liver.

Mom says having Pet insurance has helped enormously in financing all of my vet bills. She highly recommends to pet owners to buy an insurance policy for all pets. Most companies charge a monthly fee, and about $10.00 more for each additional pet. She say’s it is well worth the cost. And she can now buy me more food and toys with the money she saves. (weeellll! That’s what I’m trying to tell her. She really needs to learn how to talk a dog’s language)

 I’ll come back on June 26 to fill you in on my (hope to be) progress. Drop us a line or two if you’d like to hear more. I’ll let mom fill you in on things or answer questions you might have.

Thanks for stopping in! Keep coming!

 Love Austin

June 17, 2012

First off you have to read moms post about skin problems, and then come back here to read more:

 This miserable itch

 Ugh, ugh, and whine whine. If it’s not one thing it’s another:

 Mom and I were both up during the night three or four times. My ear was driving us both craaaazzzzy! I scratched at this hot spot all night long. The first time I scratched till it was bloody. I woke mom up hearing her say “oh buddy, you can’t do that!” easy for her to say. You’re not the one suffering with this miserable itch.

She cleaned the skin beneath my ear, and put some caladryl lotion on it. That helped for about two hours. Then I was up again scratching like crazy. Again I hear mom “okay Bud, let’s try this again.” We both woke up a couple more times after this, forcing mom to do more research on this hot spot of mine. Thank God it is Sunday. Mom won’t be taking me to the vet’s today. I’m worried about tomorrow though. Even though she is looking for a better solution today; mom always figures it best to see someone who knows what is better for me. I guess that means a phone call at least. Maybe I ‘won’t have to see the vet. We’ll find out tomorrow. I’ll have to let you know. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care about us guys.

Sooooooooooo, I’ll let mom do some research, and she will post the update here.

 June 27, 2012

AP levels

That miserable itch went away after nearly a week. Mom used Neosporin to heal it. I feel so much better now.

Went to the Vets On Friday for more blood work and test. The vet told mom that my AP levels were slightly elevated. I guess that means that they have to adjust my Phenobarbital. The entire test has not yet come back, so mom should not be concerned just yet. We will know more when DR.K calls. Will keep you informed!

Thanks for stopping by. I know you do this for the love of dogs today.

Love Austin

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