Meet Lilly

November 22, 2012


Hi everyone,

My name is Lilly. Austin and my new mommy and daddy have adopted and brought me home on Saturday. Mommy says I can share this page with Austin until she creates one of my own.

I was very happy with my rescue mommy, but she told me I deserved to have a Furever home like Austin has. I was very happy playing with the other doxies my other mommy had, but Austin is fun too! (When he’s not in his old grumpy mood!) I just ignore him when he get’s what mommy calls an attitude! Daddy says Austin wears his attitude on his head. I think he means that funny little fur that sticks out and curls on the top of his head! Mommy likes to give him a hair cut sometimes because she says he looks like Dennis the Menace (who ever that is)

I’m a whole lot smaller than my brother Austin. I’m just a tiny little chiweenie and weigh about 9 pounds. Mommy says if I keep eating like I do, I’ll get fat like my brother. Austin is on a diet, and mommy says I eat the same as he does. Poor guy must be starving, cuz I can keep on eating more if only mommy would let me. Noooottt! She said. Oh darn!!

She makes real good chicken jerky and sweet potatoes for us. (Austin’s Yummy’s)We can only get one of each though. I tried to steal some off the counter when she took them out of the oven, but she caught me and told me I can have a little carrot, because the treats are too hot yet!

Austin has to go to the Vets on Friday and mommy wants me to go with him! I have had all my shots and a real good bill of health, but mommy wants me to meet all the nice people there. I’ll let you know how nice they are when we get back. I’m not sure I’m going to like them yet. I guess I’m going to have to tolerate them at least because I think I might be going there to keep me healthy mommy says.

Well, I gotta go right now (really I do) mommy is taking me and my brother out side for a little while. I don’t mind when the sun is shining and it is not wet out side. I love to play out in the yard, and go for walks, but only if that wet stuff or white stuff doesn’t fall on me. Austin agrees! He don’t like it either!

Thanks for letting me woof a little bit. Please come back and visit. I like when mommy is writing about me and Austin,cuz we both get turns to sit on her lap. Bye for now.

Love, Lilly Rose ♥

8 thoughts on “Meet Lilly

  1. Lily is adorable. Hope my cousin Austin isn’t too jealous. Now i have a new cousin Lily. Can’t wait to meet her in person. What does Eli think about Lily, “Where is your mother.” Love you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Happy belated, Donna. Austin had a hard time at first,but now he is her playmate and big bro protector. The four dogs got along well at Roni’s. She had 20 people and four dog’s at her house yesterday. She’s a trooper. Better her then me! lol. everything went well and the meal was fantastic. She takes after her mother 🙂 love you guys!

  2. Lilly tried to do a snatch and grab for the jerky I see 🙂 Told you she is 1/2 kangaroo or mountain goat, all depending on what she is trying to get in to. Thank you and Austin for giving her a loving forever home. She deserves all the love and joy you will give her. I so depend on my guys to kiss my tears away since Marv passed, some days I am good, some days so sad I can hardly function. The dogs give me their hearts, their love and their devotion and I smile and go forward. I am blessed by each foster because I hold a part of a special dogs love in my heart forever.

    • If all people could feel as you feel,though it truly hurts sometimes. The world would be a better place. You are a special person.Have the sweetie dogs rubbed off on you,or you on them? I think it goes both ways! Thanks again Julie,for this wonderful little girl. We are blessed. You,Diane,and all of your fur babies,have a wonderful Thanks giving.

  3. Hey there Lily Rose. I know your bro, Austin via his mom Barbara. I love my doxie, Oliver, (ollie). I am only allowed one dog. I am sure Austin is happy to have someone to distroy toys with. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a little turkey on Thanksgiving. Sending lots of wet kisses your way.

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