Hi, I’m Nathan

NathanHi, my name is Nathan! My new Mommy gave me a middle name Frank! I hope she knows I’m a dog and not a frankfurter!

Acually, I’m not sure what I am. I think I’m a dog but I’m not sure how a dog should act 🙁 ! Maybe because I lived in a cage at a pet store for the first 7 months of my life. Then I went to live with my first mommy for 4 ½ years before she surrendered me to a rescue shelter.

We lived in a small apartment, and I became very comfortable in my crate most of the time. After all, I lived in a cage right from the beginning. Mommy would leave my crate door open and I would go in and out with my toys. When she went to work, she would give me a treat inside of this thing people call Kong’s. She couldn’t understand however that the only way I could get that treat was to tear the top off of them. She kept on buying new ones for me, and I would do the same to each and every one. I would play with them afterwards and one time it got stuck under a piece of furniture. I got very frustrated because I couldn’t get it. I always had a kong with me in my crate. I slept with it at night under my soft blankies, and mommy would close the door of my crate for the night. She would tell me to go to bed, and that I did till morning.

I would get out and relieve myself on the wee wee pads she left out for me. I’m not sure if I had breakfast before she went to work or in the evening when she came home, or maybe both. I just know that there was always food and water out for me. I don’t think I went outside or went for a walk too often, because I am very nervous when I do.  Strangers come up to me and I’m really not sure why, but I won’t bark or growl at them. I don’t growl at them in my house either. At night I get really aggravated though. Not sure if I am tired or just frustrated due to many things I’m not sure of. Maybe I need more exercise, mommy’s attention, and strangers to leave me alone when I get like this. That’s when I do growl to let them know I need to be left alone with my Kong and My toys. This is all I really had to socialize with.

I’m very nervous around people and other dogs.

I miss my mommy and my apartment we lived in. Most of all I miss my kong, because my new mommy tells me I don’t need one. She feeds me twice a day and I get healthy treats, exercise, toys, and two other dogs to play with. I have to go outside to relieve myself just like the other dogs, but I’m just now getting the idea.

When my new Mommy brought me to my new home, I had to mark what I thought would be my territory. I was so confused however that mommy put what she calls a belly band around to cover my masculinity till I get acquainted with my new indoor living.

I am not sure of my brother Austin, or my sister, Lilly. I see them playing with mommy but I don’t know how to interact. Mommy says that I will get accustomed to the quality time that she spends with us.

Although I am making progress on all issues mentioned above, I am not sure of the man that she calls her husband, and I growl and try to nip at him often. I guess I am getting too possessive of mommy, and if I don’t adjust to my daddy, then I will have to go to a home with just one owner and no other dogs. Mommy loves me and says daddy does too. She does not want me to leave, but says I have to get along with daddy and my siblings. I’ll have mommy write on Monday, April 11, of what we hope will be progress.


Nathan Frank

(I really am a sweetheart, and love everyone, just not sure who to trust.)

Sorry Mom 🙁

Things didn’t work out!

click on here for  “12 steps to rescue”

my story with Nathan


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