Austin and Storm Sandy


Wow or should I say “woof”? What a storm that was. I guess her name is Sandy. Anyway, I’m safe though. Mom prepared me for the worst. I wasn’t too happy about going out doors to do my thing, so she set out some newspapers in the garage. At first I couldn’t understand why she did that, and what they were for. With the garage door closed, I couldn’t get out. “Why does she keep telling me to do potty, and won’t open the door?” hellooooo, I’m trying to get out! You people! You say you can’t understand what we want, and give us that dumb founded look that makes us cock our heads and think “are you for real?” Well, I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I decided to take her lead to the papers and figured it out when she kept telling me to go potty. Besides, I knew that garage door was not going to open any time soon, and if I soiled the floors in the house, I might be sleeping out here for the night. I don’t think mom would really do that, but at this point, I’m not taking any chance. I’m already confused!


Okay, that was a task that should have been a lot easier! So now I go into the house for what I think is time for breakfast (not very much though, but that is another story.) When I hear mom say to dad, “ I’ll run the water, and you get Austin”  I hear the water running and my name mentioned, so I figure that can only mean one thing. BATH!!!

Its bad enough she didn’t take me outside this morning, now she’s going to drown me?


So, why the bath? We aren’t going any where. The garage door isn’t working (at least that was my conclusion this morning) but then I hear her say that dad can shower after me, and something to do with filling the bath tub up with water in case we loose power. What is that all about?


Well, it’s another day and I find that the garage door is working after all. There are no newspapers in the garage, so I guess that means I can go out! I’ll have my breakfast on time, along with my medicine. (At least that’s what mom call’s it. It tastes like a hot dog to me) I think the two little white things stuffed in a piece of a hotdog is what she means. I’m not supposed to know that though. Once when she gave me a piece, a little white pill fell out. She doesn’t know, but I spit it out knowing I would get another piece of hotdog with it.


Life before this storm was difficult enough. Mom has me on a diet. The vet’s have me on medication, and dad still has to chase me around the house for a bath. At least I haven’t been sick or having what the vet’s refers to as seizures. That’s where the medicine has helped me. It makes me sooo hungry though and I did get a bit fat. One thing about my diet though is that I have a little bit more energy. Mom wants me to loose at least 5 more pounds. So I guess its, carrots, green beans, lean chicken and chicken tenders (which by the way, she makes her own.)  Austin’s Yummy’s  video.

I hope all of our readers here at for the love of dogs today have survived this storm with little or no damages. We sure enjoy your company. Please come back and share your stories with us. Hope to meet with you soon!!! Woof!!

 Love Austin

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