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Mom is always hard at work writing about me.Thought I would help her out a little.
“For the love of moms today”
Love Austin
Mom is always hard at work writing about me.Thought I would help her out a little. "For the love of moms today" Love Austin

My Buddy

Please keep checking in! Mom has promised to keep you updated on my Progress.  


Austin Tex


May 3, 2012

Boy!!!! What a scare! Here I am sitting at my computer writing about my cute little guy who can do no wrong (but of course he does) when all of a sudden I hear a whimp, whimp, whimpering. I get up from my chair; turn to the sofa, to find him sprawled rigid and shaking, profusely salivating, disoriented, confused and scared. When reaching for him he did not respond in any nature. He appeared to be in shock and shook even more. It was only till I calmed myself down that he was able to calm a bit himself. After about 2 minutes (I’m guessing) he blinked his eyes and I knew he was coming around. He was still shaking terribly, but did not appear to be afraid.

We arrived at the Vet’s in less than ten minutes. (Thank God the Veterinarian Hospital is just that, ten minutes. I didn’t need to get stopped for a speeding ticket.)

She examined him, and gave him some Valium to calm him down. Of course, he was still shaking. This is something he does with any Vet visit.

dachshund’s are known to be quite hyper, and at 5½ years old, he’s still wired! (And I’m not talking about the wired hair Doxie that he actually is) My little man’s is beautiful. With a red wired hair coat, and big Brown eyes. He is a real Chic magnet!  He loves the women, and they love him. He is quite leery of men though, until you let him warm up to you first. I guess this too is typical for some dachshunds.

We brought Austin home from the Vet’s office with the recommendation, that we monitor him for a couple of days, and start a journal about any more seizures that he might have.

Well, it wasn’t two minutes that we were out of the car and inside the house when he became disoriented, staggering, shaking and paddling  his little legs.

Off we go again!!

The veterinarian gave him another shot of Valium and 65mg’s of Phenobarbital. Even with all that in him, he began having another small seizure.

We began to discuss the diagnosis and treatment options. It was in Austin’s best interest to admit him to Ocean State Specialist Facility In Rhode Island. There he would stay overnight for observation and under go blood work with analysis. The Doctor assigned to Austin, examined him and gave us a full description of possibilities that could be causing these seizures, and our options of treatment.

At 10:00 AM the next Morning, The veterinarian at OSVS called with Austin’s blood test results. Everything was negative, no toxins, and liver in good condition. Heart is strong. However a neurologist examined him and was concerned that because he had three seizures in such a short time, she would be more comfortable knowing what was going on in that little head of his. So it was recommended that he have an MRI.

Now I’m getting more concerned as well. Taking in all to be considered: The expense and the possible worst scenario for my little man, I agreed to the MRI.


May 4, 2012

We picked Austin up from the hospital today. His MRI results were good! Oh, what a relief! (I won’t be celebrating with Champagne however. I’m broke.)

Actually, I thank God we do have pet insurance. With pet insurance I at least have a piece of mind that my pet can have quality care in an emergency. A basic plan covers well care visits with your Veterinarian as well.

It’s bad enough to worry about our furry little friends when they are sick or injured. We need not have to worry about how the bill will be paid. Without insurance for them can hinder their needs for recovery. I know. Been there, done that, and have regrets too!

Do you ‘and your pet a favor. Look around for the best pet insurance you can find. Find a few and compare.  Do it FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS TODAY, and all pets!

Click here for updates on Austin!

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