Allergic Reactions


It’s that time of year for    pollen and other environmental allergens to attack those who suffer with allergies. Dogs like people suffer too with allergies. Though their symptoms can be different and often difficult to determine if in fact it is an allergic reaction.

My little guy has sneezing attacks. It doesn’t sound like a sneeze, it’s more like a gasping of air  sound.

The first time this occurred, I thought he was dying. He couldn’t catch a breath and it went on and on for a long enough time  to scare the sweat out of me.

I didn’t rush him off to the vet’s though ( I wanted to ) I merely spoke to Austin’s Vet about the experience. I first learned that the sneezing in fact is a sneeze, but in reverse. This is called (Pharyngeal Gag Reflex)

Dogs will sneeze usually because of an irritation in the dog’s throat. This will cause a spasm and make it harder for the dog to breath. Though it sounds like a serious condition, it isn’t always. This was the case with Austin. The vet determined it was an environmental allergen. And Benadryl was suggested to help with the sneezing.

Reverse sneezing itself rarely requires treatment, but if you are concerned about your dog sneezing, or if it occurs more frequently. See your Veterinarian. Never give a dog medication without your Vet’s Approval. For ease of mind, and loving care, do this:

For the love of Dogs Today!

“Please come back again! Austin and I have lots to “ WOOF” about”


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