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The people here at Hope for Paws are absolutely incredible. I give them so much credit for their time and efforts to save these poor dogs on the streets. watch their video’s,become their fans,and you just might find that you can’t help but to adopt one of these precious gifts!

January 29, 2013

Watch how these little darlings are rescued!

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June 19, 2013

Hello everybody.  A rough couple of days here… one of the dogs I rescued last week (Penny) died of heart failure  🙁 This little girl was so cute, and even though she passed away, I will still post the video of her rescue (along with her friends Marty & Brooklyn), because it’s important that she will be remembered.  The last few days of her life were so full of love and happiness, and I am glad we were able to give that to her. If that wasn’t enough, yesterday, we almost lost Bonnie (Clyde’s girlfriend).  She ate rat poison prior to her rescue, and it just hit her hard (these toxins are designed to take action a week after ingestion).  I saw her yesterday around 1 P.M and she was fine, and all of a sudden, 3 P.M, she started bleeding profusely, and she passed out due to the massive loss of blood.  Luckily, she was at the Veterinary Care Center at the time, and they gave her blood transfusions, plasma, fluids, and they were able to stabilize her.  I was with her until midnight, and I saw her this morning, and she is doing well, she is happy, and she gave me 200 kisses since this major scare (you can see her pictures on my Flickr page).  She was so lucky that we got her that day, because if she was out there yesterday as a stray, she would have died for sure. With all that rough stuff, I wanted to share a link to an article written by Annie Hart’s husband – James Hart.  It is a beautiful piece talking about us… you, me, Hope For Paws, Bill Foundation, and this global community we created here.  Please click below to read it, and please share it so more communities will form all over the world.  Thanks   🙂
Community Building – Heroes Wanted


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