Abused and Rescued


Was your dog abused? How does your dog respond when he or she is called? Does your dog cower to the ground and become submissive? Is he or she afraid of the firm tone in your voice, and approach you cautiously?

This is how many dogs react after being abused.

I adopted my little girl from a rescue back in November 2012. The foster mom had her for 5 weeks only, but did an amazing job fostering her for the short time that she had her. Lilly is a tiny little chi weenie who gets soooo excited with the least little attention you give her. She is loving and sweet. She is however still cautious of people she has not been acquainted with but warms up to them very soon.

Lilly is even still cautious with me at times. She is still not confident when I call her to come. She will however come on the first call. But by the time she gets within two or three feet of me she cowers and crawls to me on her belly,peeing a little as she does and  looks up sideways to me as if to say, “don’t beat me, please” my heart just hurts knowing she is still so afraid. She is getting better with trusting me to praise and or reward her though. Instead of her tail between her legs when she crawls over to me she is wagging it but unsure yet why she is. I am making it a habit now to raise her head and have her sit up straight and proud in front of me when I call her. Sometimes I have a small treat for her and other times I will just raise and pat her little head reassuring her that she is in fact a good little girl. She is beginning to realize that the tone of my voice when I call her is not a threat, and she will actually look up at me in excitement instead of fear.

When we first brought Lilly home, she had soiled the carpet. When I discovered it, she tried to hide in fear. I called her to come to me in which she did (on her belly) and picked her up gently, and brought her outside with the command to go potty. Of course she cowers to the ground and shook. Once I brought her back inside, she avoided me because she was still not sure what I would do, which was nothing more than bringing her out and then back in to the house with no reprieve.

For a while I could not raise my voice to her for any reason, because she would just shiver when I did. I only had to raise my voice to her when she barked. This poor little thing is such a good girl; there is no other need to raise your voice at her. I can’t imagine why anyone could abuse such a well behaved little dog. There is no excuse for any abuse what so ever, so why neglect and or beat a dog that behaves? With a question like that, I’m not sure I even want to know. It is pretty scary when you know there are people out there that have no respect for life. These are usually the ones that put a label on a dog’s reputation, and blame the dog when it fights back for its life.

When children ask about why people are cruel to animals. Here are 3 different reasons to which you might explain. Keep in mind that the third on the list may be too difficult for your child to understand. This is the one that I mention it scares me’! When you read this, I think you will agree that it is very scary.

If for any reason you become irritated with your furry little friend. Stop, think and realize. We all need work when it comes to patience and discipline.

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