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Before I started blogging in May of 2012, I started doing some research on dachshund dogs. My little guy is so important to me. I wanted more information on his behavior, his health, life span etc. I quickly learned a lot about the three different breeds of Doxies (already knew their nickname) Austin is a wired hair Dachshund. This breed is well known to be the most comical and entertaining. That is one understatement when it comes to my little man 🙂 . He had me laughing from day one when I got him at a very early age. He was only 10 weeks old when he rustled with the fall leaves. I think at the time the leaves were bigger than him. Maybe that’s why he growled at just one big leaf, tackled and shook the already dead leaf to shreds. I remember my husband saying to him. “Go get that nasty old leaf you ferocious animal!) Austin sat his tiny little butt down, and with his head cocked to one side, he barked and looked up at him as if to say, “What’s wrong with you man? I already did!”

Anyway, this page is supposed to be about me. Austin has his own page! However, Austin is the reason I created this site.

Since I was released from my full time Job in September of last year, I have been working hard at building this website, and making an income with my advertising affiliates. The first difficult task was to decide what my niche would be. Searching my inner self for whatever passion or passions I could explore.

Because the job market being so limited (to say the least) I had to come up with a plan that would make occupying my time, both a monetary and productive one. “Wow” what a task it has been. Building a website is very time consuming, especially when you have little knowledge of HTML’s CSS’s etc.

It has taken me all of this year and part of last, to research and apply information needed to build a website at a very minimal cost. Believe me when I say minimal (like almost nothing) lots of time over lots of money is the price I am paying. Still plugging away (literally) at building this site. However, if I had to pay designers, HTML writers, etc. I would not have even started. Where does that make sense? I don’t have an income coming in to pay for all that!

With all that being said, I became more depressed, and discouraged. I had to somehow fight this anguish. So, I would put a leash on Austin and take him for a walk. I can’t tell you though how much more my little guy loooooves to go for our walk. I watch his little tail wag all the way to and from. Stopping here and there to smell his surroundings (to be polite 🙂 ) marking everything and any thing (not so polite 🙁 ) bringing a smile to my face and giving me a feeling of self worth. Because it was at this point I came to realize just how much he depends on me to take care of him and keep him healthy and happy. Did I become needier of him then he was of me? At this time in my life I have to say yes! After all, he would lick my tears and mend my soul. How can I be depressed when there is so much unconditional love here? If any one says that a dog does not have a soul, Austin and I will prove them wrong. Read my article on “do dogs have a soul

By the time we reached home that particular day, I soon realized by unleashing my dog, and getting kisses as if to say “thank you” for that much needed walk ( for both of us) I discovered my passion to write. I thank God for my Dog! (Spell Dog backwards, which by the way is not just a coincidence!) Austin was the answer to my prayer.

Now that I have my niche (to only say the least) where do I begin? I first need a domain, a product or products to sell and advertise. Another big chore to tackle! I came up with the name for the love of dogs, which had already been taken. I really contemplated on that particular name for my site before I tried to register it. Needless to say I was disappointed. For the love of dogs today was an option to consider. It didn’t make much sense to me until I gave it more thought.   With things in this world changing from day to day, so do a dog’s needs! People and animals alike have expanded necessities from yesterday’s needs to today’s.  (Make sense?) Well, it works for me!

Thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to meeting you here at:

For the love of dogs today.com

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  1. Your site is awesome. Getting ready to order the book you recommended. I will read it on the way to Mexico. I do hope though that I wont tear up too much!!! Keep on writting!!!!

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