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Congratulations Austin!

Hi! Welcome to:

For the love of Dogs Today

My name is Barbara, and my faithful friend Austin, are here to ‘WOOF” about the amazing animals we call our Best Friends.

Whether it is a story or tail (tale). Food for thought (“yes, Austin, it’s about dog foods too”!) information and references to your dogs needs and your concerns. We are here to help and Bark about ( Oops! I mean speak) “No Austin” I didn’t mean for you to speak”!

On the contrary though. I’m here as Austin’s advocate, along with his furry little friends and yours, to find the best information and references to many subjects on the love and care for your dog.

So, to all the great little (and big) doggies out there, wag your tails and bring your owners in to check us out. Have something to “WOOF” about? We’d love to hear it. After all, our owners like a treat now and then too! And remember you are doing this:

For the love of dogs today.

Austin Tex

(Yep! That’s where I’m from)

Big Ole Texas

I may be small,but I have A BIG personality

Hey, Don’t forget me!! I’m the Newbie Doxie! Click on my photo to read all about me♥



9 thoughts on “Loving your Best Friend

  1. I just came across your website from a comment you posted about a dog in Portland CT saving the life of his nine week old (human) sister. I have 5 dachshunds (all black and tan, smooth), although some are getting gray. They range in age from 10 to 6. Pluto (10), Penny (9), Pepper (8), Pretzel (6) and Priscilla (6). Pretzel and Cilla (as we call her, I think the many P’s just got a little crazy :-)), are biological brother and sister. I noticed you mentioned Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in one of your posts. Pretzel just had back surgery this past summer and was there for a few days. Can’t say enough positive things about that place. We went and visited him everyday and were so happy when we got to bring him home. He is doing well. Not 100%, but still running around and playing with “his pack”. Thanks for your website – I’m glad I came upon it !! Dogs Rule !!

    • Oh yes they do! “Good luck Pretzel on a full recovery”. Would love to see your family! send their pictures. I am in the proccess of adopting a 4 year old mini doxie. She too is a smooth black and tan dachshund. will be posting pictures soon.

  2. Ok, I’m looking for some suggestions. My yellow lab, Jake is shedding like he does when he gets nervous at the vets. I didn’t realize that they will shed profusely when they are nervous. But when we leave the vets, the scale is full of his beautiful blonde hair. He always sheds like this twice a year, beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. I brush him about three times of day…….and the amount of hair fills a small waste basket. It just keeps coming and coming. Too bad I can’t sell it to make a fur coat. Are there any other things I can do other than bath him or short of shaving all his hair off?


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